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July 4th weekend was alright. Went to Miah’s for a few beers with Ben, and Stephanie. Played some cards last Saturday, did alright. Went out on a stupid hand that I shouldn’t have been in. Last night I went over to Russ’s, and did some poker training. Which was some good information that I plan on applying in the future. It was very insightful.

Managed to finally get the rear/front diff, and transfer case drained and refilled in the truck. Wasn’t too bad, took a few hours, but I took my time. Started to rain half way through it, which slowed me down a bit too.

No plans this weekend, Stephanie works Saturday during the day. Poker game Saturday night. Was wanting to do some fishing this weekend, but i’m call. Didn’t dare go over July 4th weekends. Holiday weekends are crazy on the lakes. Not thrilled about the summer weather. Rumor is that today is suppose to be the hottest day of the year. Hitting 100 degrees. Ugggg, really hate this summer heat. It’s that one month out of the year that I really hate. Usually it starts to cool back off in mid Aug. But even then, it’s still hot as balls.

Fishing, Cards, Truck

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Been meaning to drop another update in here. Saturday before Fathers Day, we took the boat on up to Strawberry, and picked up Chris on the way. Had a great day of fishing up there. Caught about 4 decent size kokes, along with a handful of trout. I’m guessing we caught about 10 fish within a few hours of fishing. Good times, but wow it was busy up there.

Weekend before last, we took Gabe on up to Willard Bay. Weather was great. Windy to keep the bugs away. Caught a Walleye, and two Wipers. We all had a great time.

This past Sunday since I was on-call we mostly stayed home. I managed to get the oil changed in the rear/front diff, and the transfer case. Been meaning to do that for the past….year or so. But it’s finally done, and don’t have to deal with it for a few years.

One of the co-workers last day was last week. So it’s back down to me and one other guy. Not too thrilled to spend most of the summer being on call every other week. Already cutting into my plans. Blah!

Played poker the past two weekends. UGGGGGGG! Just not good cards, or playing my A game. Blah

Vacation – Anniversary

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Wow, had a great time on our trip this summer. Gone from home for a total of 10 days. Don’t think I’ve ever been away from home for so long. Had a great time, and no regrets.

Worked a short day on Thrusday May30th, grabbed the rental car, then started to head out to Reno for the night. Not much to really mention here, besides that the fact that Reno is far from amazing. Thought the place was a dump, and rude people. Just wasn’t impressed.

Friday, we started on our way to Oakhurst, CA. Took a different way cutting through South Tahoe for lunch. Cute little town, and we enjoyed it. But wow, it was a long beautiful drive through the mountains, little towns, etc. Drive was long mostly due to the speed limit, curves in the road, etc. Got an odd feeling that Apple Maps screwed us a few times. It was a long day with lots of driving.

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Slacking Once Again

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Wow, i’m slacking again with this. Not really much to say. Just been doing yard work, waiting for my mouth to heal up, trying to go fishing, and that’s about it.

Did have Ben, Shan, mom, and dad over for a bbq Sunday. That was alright, nothing too amazing, but good times. Jayden came over in the afternoon/evening for a few hours.

Me and Stephanie went fishing up at Willard Bay the afternoon of Mothers Day. Caught our first fish of the season, decent size catfish, and caught a tiny little Walleye. Both of em really tasty, and made for a nice dinner.

Got a four day weekend coming up due to Memorial Day. Nothing really much planned. Just work on the truck, maybe the boat, and going to the soccer game. Work for 2 1/2 days, then start our vacation. Excited for the vacation, but not excited for the cost.

Have been going back to the gym. Been going 2 days a week, and trying to make it three times a week. Awesome thing is. Both me and Stephanie have lost 20 lbs since the beginning of the year.


Posted in Family, Fishing, Vacation on April 25th, 2019 by James

Slacking off on this. Meant to do a update, but just too busy with life. Well, that’s the excuse i’m going with anyway.

The basement…..Got that basically finished. Few little things we need to finish up with, but for the most part it’s done. Looks awesome, and i’m excited to have my basement back. Really enjoyed the fact of everyone that stepped up, and helped with the basement. Couldn’t have gotten it done without help from Matt, Jim, Stephanie, and Ben.

Got the boat basically ready for the season. Past few weeks I repacked the wheel bearings, changed out the fuel/water filter, hooked the battery up backwards. grrrrr, that fried a cable, and had to fix that. That was super frustrating. 15 seconds of the cables backwards, smoke, 10 hours to find the cable, make sure nothing else was fried, splice in a new cable. It’s fixed now, but time consuming, a weekend that I could have been fishing. Me and Stephanie did make it up to Willard Bay last Saturday, didn’t catch anything, but was nice to get out. Did loose a buddy bearing at some point, so I need to look at the wheel bearings again. grrrrr…. I wanna replace the other two fuel filters, and the water impellers. I’ve never done a water impeller before, so that should be interesting, fun, frustrating, and rewarding.

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Another Basement Update

Posted in Blog via Cell Phone on April 3rd, 2019 by James

So we had everyone over, got most of the floor laid down. Last Saturday Ben and Jim came over. We finished the floor, got the baseboards, door casing up. It’s look hella good down there. Got a few little things to finish up on. Me and Stephanie has been working on little things over past few days. Light/power outlet covers, clean everything up, etc. Basically we’re 95% done. So excited to be done with it.

Now to move onto outdoor stuff. Fluid changes in the truck, wheel bearings on the boat, yard junk, etc. Hope to go fishing here in the next two weeks. Just got to get the truck, boat, and find some time.

Basement Update

Posted in General on March 21st, 2019 by James

Over two weeks into the basement, and I’m ready to get our basement back. We’ve made some good progress on it. Got the wall done, two coats of primer, paint, and new lights installed. Saturday we got Ben, Jim, and Matt coming over to get the flooring installed. I hope to get a good portion of it done. Would love to have the flooring done this weekend, then next weekend, the last bit of it. Still have the actual flooring to lay down, baseboards, and door casings. But soon, we should have our basement back. I’m guessing we’ll be 100% done come this weekend.


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Had a good weekend. Stephanie ended up working Saturday, so I had a mellow day during the day. In the afternoon, watched the RSL game, passed up a poker game to kick it with Stephanie and Ben. Ben had a few friends over Saturday evening, so we went over there for a few drinks, and good times.

Sunday…….What a packed full day. Went to the gym Sunday, and had a good work out. Went home, and started pulling the carpet in the basement. Jayden came over for a bit, and we all went to lunch for some Sushi. Went back home, finished pulling the carpet, the padding, and the stupid tacky boards. Matt came over, and we started to rip down that stupid wall that had some ugly wood panel BS, and threw up some dry wall. Busy packed full day. I’m impressed with the amount of work we got done. I think we decided on the floor/paint colors too. We hope to get the wall finished, paint done, and start laying down the floor on Sunday if everything goes as plan.

Poker Weekend

Posted in Blog via Cell Phone on February 21st, 2019 by James

This past weekend wasn’t anything too exciting. Did have a nice three day weekend off with Stephanie. Ran Gabe down to Helper, UT through a snow storm Thursday evening as he had an extended weekend off from school.

Only thing that stands out from the weekend is lunch with Stephanie and Ben on Saturday. Poker Saturday evening. First few hours of that was ugly. But my cards started to hit in the third hour. Came home with a good amount of money of pocket. Putting that towards debt/vacation this summer. Didn’t get home till about 12:30am, in bed at 2am, then Stephanie woke me at 7am for the gym. UGGGGGG, but it was good. I’m happy that I went.

Got our taxes done yesterday. Super expensive, and pointless. We’re getting money back, so I’m not complaining about that. Just more bummed about how much we paid to have them done. I mentioned to Stephanie that it’s something we can easier do at home. Our taxes are far from anything too crazy.

This upcoming weekend nothing too exciting. Maybe poker Saturday night, I think Stephanie wants me home, plus I’m on-call for work. Stephanie is working Saturday which sucks. Maybe the gym on Sunday. But besides that, no plans.

Life is Good

Posted in Friends, General, Movies on February 13th, 2019 by James

So I’ve been with Stephanie for just about 5 years. 5 great wonderful years. So this past weekend we celebrated 5 years from our first date/VD/etc. Went to grab Sushi which was damn tasty. May go again this upcoming weekend. After lunch we went to go see Green Book, which is a great movie. Think it may have been the best movie we’ve seen for 2018.

Saturday night played poker with the guys. Didn’t play the best. Just not the best cards, or the cards just didn’t play. I’m guessing I took 14th. Should have sat on my cards, and got into the top 10.

Last night me and Jim took the yearly Wendover birthday trip. Did really good at one blackjack table, sat down with 25, and walked away with 125. But doesn’t make up for the other money I lost. Lost more than I wanted too. Oh well, it was fun. I’m guessing I won’t be going to Wendover anytime soon.