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Slacking off on this. Meant to do a update, but just too busy with life. Well, that’s the excuse i’m going with anyway.

The basement…..Got that basically finished. Few little things we need to finish up with, but for the most part it’s done. Looks awesome, and i’m excited to have my basement back. Really enjoyed the fact of everyone that stepped up, and helped with the basement. Couldn’t have gotten it done without help from Matt, Jim, Stephanie, and Ben.

Got the boat basically ready for the season. Past few weeks I repacked the wheel bearings, changed out the fuel/water filter, hooked the battery up backwards. grrrrr, that fried a cable, and had to fix that. That was super frustrating. 15 seconds of the cables backwards, smoke, 10 hours to find the cable, make sure nothing else was fried, splice in a new cable. It’s fixed now, but time consuming, a weekend that I could have been fishing. Me and Stephanie did make it up to Willard Bay last Saturday, didn’t catch anything, but was nice to get out. Did loose a buddy bearing at some point, so I need to look at the wheel bearings again. grrrrr…. I wanna replace the other two fuel filters, and the water impellers. I’ve never done a water impeller before, so that should be interesting, fun, frustrating, and rewarding.

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Had a good weekend. Stephanie ended up working Saturday, so I had a mellow day during the day. In the afternoon, watched the RSL game, passed up a poker game to kick it with Stephanie and Ben. Ben had a few friends over Saturday evening, so we went over there for a few drinks, and good times.

Sunday…….What a packed full day. Went to the gym Sunday, and had a good work out. Went home, and started pulling the carpet in the basement. Jayden came over for a bit, and we all went to lunch for some Sushi. Went back home, finished pulling the carpet, the padding, and the stupid tacky boards. Matt came over, and we started to rip down that stupid wall that had some ugly wood panel BS, and threw up some dry wall. Busy packed full day. I’m impressed with the amount of work we got done. I think we decided on the floor/paint colors too. We hope to get the wall finished, paint done, and start laying down the floor on Sunday if everything goes as plan.


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Wow, I’m starting to slack off on this. Last weekend wasn’t anything too exciting. Stephanie got suckered into working last weekend as overtime, along with tomorrow. Sucks cause she had to work OT last year on my birthday too. Played some poker this past Saturday night, that was alright. Took 8th out of about 18 players. Should have played better. Just dealt some bad cards. The good cards, just weren’t good enough.

Last Sunday, me and Stephanie did manage to replace the kitchen facet. Stephanie wanted an upgrade, and the last one was leaking pretty good.

This past Tuesday, I did manage to get the day off, and went shooting with Aaron. That was a blast. Went out on the South-West side of Utah Lake. I won’t go into deals, but did have lots of fun, and wanna buy an AR-15 now. So much fun. Aaron did shoot a 20lb frozen ham with a 30-06 (I think that was the round, or some short of big rifle round). It was awesome seeing that ham explode like that. Found ham 15-20 feet away, and a piece went flying about 15-20 feet in the air. We both got a good laugh out of that.


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2019! Blows my mind, and make me feel old. A lot has happened since I update on this. One of my goals for 2019 is do more updates on this. Haven’t updated this for almost 5 years!

So lets see what we got…..

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Birthday Weekend

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Birthday Weekend

I must say I had a good weekend. Better than expected. Friday, me and Angela got ready, and went to Club Metro to check out Corvid and we saw part of Tragic Black. Corvid put on a great show. Besides that, it was okay. The vibe felt odd with the few people there. Angela was nice enough to drive my drunken ass home.

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Wow, It’s Been Awhile….

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Wow, It's Been Awhile....

Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve updated this. It’s been about a month since my last update. I’ve started at Verio again as a Unix System Admin. I started just about a month ago. So far, I’ve been happy. Wish I knew more, and felt more useful, but i’m sure that will just come with time. My drive into work has dropped from 100 miles to just over 30 miles. Can’t wrong with that. I’m also doing the type of work I want to be doing. Dugway was just boring, and when there was work. It was just boring, and not very fun. I enjoy my coworkers here at Verio more also. Working 5 8’s is taking some getting used to, compared to the 4 10’s I’ve been doing over the past few years. The days feel shorter, but I really enjoyed having 3 days off from work. I’m working 10am till 7pm Sunday – Thursday. I enjoy having my Friday and Saturday off from work.

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Memories, Hooks, and Guns!

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Memories, Hooks, and Guns!

Let’s see, a lot of has happened over the past week. Last Friday I went to Club Vegas with a friend to see Corvid play a show. Had a good fun time. To my surprise my parents both went to Club Vegas to Corvid/Ben play. It was a lot of fun. Didn’t make it to bed till around 2am if I remember right. No biggie, but had to be up at 5:30am to get some fishing done.

So I got up at 5am or so to meet up with Jim to get some fishing done. We decided to go up and hit Strawberry. It was a great trip, just wish the fishing was better. I managed to catch a 14″ rainbow after a few hours of nothing. We ended up a getting a few bites. Called it quits at around 10:30-11:00. I wanted to be back into SLC at around noon. I managed to get home at 12:30. At 2pm I meet the Crums for lunch at Rodizio Grill up in SLC. We all enjoyed the food, and it was a great time. I was beyond the point of tired, and not even thinking right. Some time over the weekend, I also managed to buy a Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun. I got a pretty good price on it, $177.00 from evil Walmart.

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Protected: Does It Ever End?

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July 4th Weekend….

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July 4th Weekend....

I must say that my July 4th weekend was great. I did have work on Friday and Saturday. Friday after work, went on over to my brother’s for some drinks. Saturday, he invited us out to party with some old friends. Good drunken times both nights. Nothing insane by any means, just really laid back and relaxing.

Sunday, (July 4th) we left the house by 10am to get on up to Evanston. Once we got up to Evanston we stopped to grab some smokes. 30 bucks a carton. SCORE! A carton is SLC is now costing 50-60+ a carton. I ended up getting 2 cartons. Got to Becky and Deans and gave Jayden his birthday presents. He loved both the mp3 player, and the cell phone.

We packed up the guns, and went on out to the usually spot. We popped off atleast 200 rounds of 9mm, and 100 shotgun shells. Good times for sure. Something about shooting skeet I just love. Once we were done with that. I grabbed some blueberry beer, and had some bbq hamburgers. Did I mention that the weather in Evanston was AWESOME!!!! Once the sun set, we had to throw our sweaters on. During the day was perfect. I’m guessing it was in the low 70’s/upper 60’s. In the evening it dropped down to the low 50’s.

Dean had some fireworks, and I ended up buying a few fireworks. The fireworks were great. No loss fingers. Glad did had a firework go off about a foot away from her head. Come about 11pm, we called it a night. We were beat, and still had to drive back to SLC.

Overall a great weekend. I had both Sunday and Saturday off from work. Tomorrow I have off from work. I need to dump a bunch of money into my car. I’m guessing about 800 bucks. The bulk of that being tires, and an alignment. I think I have some front end issues going on. I was told about a year ago that I need a strut mount bearing. I was quota about 100 bucks for that part/labor.

I don’t want to dump so much money into my car, but it needs to happen. I also need to get rid of the lizard. I just don’t have time for taking care of the lizard.

I’m Going to Lagoon

Posted in Family on July 6th, 2009 by James

So I got someone to trade shifts with here at work. He is covering my Saturday, and I’m taking his Wednesday shift. Doing this so I can make it to the family reunion at Lagoon.