Awesome 5 Day Weekend….

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Awesome 5 Day Weekend....

I had Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday off from work. Had a great week.

Monday after work started off me rushing home, getting ready for the show. Me, Glad, and Megan cruised on down to Club Sound to catch Lower Class Brats, and Vice Squad. Had a blast at the show. Lots of booze, old faces, and drunken good times. Glad was so trashed she ended up falling out of the car when we got home. Me and Megan stayed up till about 3 drinking and bullshitting.

Tuesday, I ran Glad on up to her part time job, and picked her up. Ben called and wanted me to head on down to the recording studio. That was good drunken times also. We then went on over to Burts for more beer and music. The local band sucked, the touring band wasn’t too bad. There was maybe 10-15 people at the bar. Really empty, but had good times with my brother.

Wednesday from what I remember was a mellow day, along with Thursday also from what I remember. Thursday we did end up watching Frozen River. Glad hated it, and thought it was stupid. I thought it was okay, and could have been better. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I paid more attention to the movie.

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Air Show Last Saturday

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Air Show Last Saturday

Last Saturday (June 6th), the family went on up to the AFB for the air show. The pictures are located here. I think we all had a good time, I know that I did. I know that James wasn’t to excited about going up there to begin with. Jayden was excited, but he was done towards the end and had enough. We ended up hitting the road shortly before 8am, and got up there parked and everything by around 9ish. I very glad we showed up when we did. When we left at 11:30, it was a total zoo. Traffic everywhere, people everywhere, traffic backed up for miles. Total insane zoo. Anyway….

Grrrr… Frustrating Week

Posted in Family on April 11th, 2009 by James

This past week has been frustrating for a few things. Don’t know the best way to put it, but half way into the week, it just seemed like everyone just wasn’t getting along. I think it started on Wednesday. Cause of events on Wednesday, me and Glad gave in and brought a pack of smokes. Felt really bad for going out to buy a pack. Oh well, shit happens.

Thursday was Glad’s mom 50th birthday. She hung out with her mom during the day. I ran the kids on up to Evanston. Kids had Thursday, Friday, and Monday off from school for spring break. That evening when I got back, we took Glad’s mom out to eat at Applebees. That was nice and yummy.

Friday was alright, between a few people I got really frustrated, and guess what? Yup brought another pack of smokes Friday night. Went on up to Evanston to pick up the boys and bring them to Layton (to Justine’s). Jayden wanted to stay for longer, Val said she would bring them back. So he ended up staying. The biggest reason why I went up there was to get James, so he could have a sleep over. Well the sleep over never happened. But James was wanting to hang out with Justine for the weekend. Granted the drive was long. From Orem up to Evanston (100 miles), then down to Bountiful (Justine wanted me to drop em off there), and then finally back home in Taylorsville. I think it was 200 miles. 3 1/2 hours of driving if I remember right. Left work at 5:30pm, and didn’t get home till after 10pm. When I got back home, Glad had some coworkers over. We mainly just bullshitted, drank, and played Sorry.

We also moved the computer desk from the living room, back into the bedroom. We hope to get a kitchen table, so that’s mainly why we put the computer desk back in the bedroom. Us eating in front of the TV is getting old. Not too bad when it’s just me and Glad. But with the kids, it’s getting old. I still need to clean up that area, got shit all over the place where the computer used to be. Oh yeah, Tuesday night we had Jim come over for a bit.

Protected: That Woman!!!

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Pot Roast

Posted in Family on January 13th, 2009 by James

Holy shit!!! Glad made pot roast for dinner, and it was damn tasty. Every little bit of it. Just thought I would blog about it.

Protected: Unbelieveable

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Christmas 2008

Posted in Family, Movies on December 26th, 2008 by James

Christmas was pretty good all things considered. I had Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off this week. Monday Glad was working, so it was just me and the kids. Had a pretty good mellow day with the kids which was nice. Did some little running around with the kids.

Tuesday did some more running around finished up with the photo albums/xmas gifts that me and the kids got for Justine, Becky, and Glad. My folks came over for about a hour Tuesday night.

Wednesday morning we opened up gifts since the kids would be with Justine xmas morning. I didn’t get much, but I was expecting much. I did manage to get a new hat, a 8 gig memory card for my phone, a Ramones shirt, Swingin Utters CD. We then cooked up a nice breakfast. Eggs, bacon, OJ, potatoes.

Later on I decided to be brave and went to the liquor store since we need booze for that night. Line out the door, so I hit the one in Sandy. Same thing line out the door. But it was smart the way they were doing it. They would let about 10 people in at a given time. When it started cleaning out, they let another 10 people in. Waited outside for about 5 minutes, and I was only in line for a few minutes. The ex-inlaws picked up the kids around 2 or so. We went on up to Stephine’s place for dinner, and to get drunk. We got there a little after 7pm. By 10pm Stephine was in bed drunk as a shunk. So yeah, we decided to leave and head on home.

Christmas morning me and Glad went on out to my parents for breakfast, and to hang out for a bit. Later on in the afternoon, we went on over to Glad’s aunt place for xmas dinner.

This morning woke up to about 8-10″ snow on my car, along with snow packed roads. The freeway was all snow packed all the way down to point of the mountain. Once I got past Thanksgiving point, the roads were mostly just wet. Work is boring as shit today. I hate days like these.

I did manage to watch a few movies this week with Glad. I believe it was Tuesday night we watched Death Race. Silly ass entertaining movie. Xmas we watched Hamlet 2. Well we tried to, but we never finished it. I thought it was pretty stupid, and just couldn’t finish up. Christmas day we watched Traitor. That was alright. Seems like it had some plot holes in it. I kinda wished I paid more attention to it.

Long Exhausting Day Yesterday…

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Saturday was great. Everything about it. Well all the driving did get old. Ended up having a great time with the family. Jacob came up for Richfield with his family. Ben and Val ended up hanging out also. We all meet at my parents around noon. We fired up the BBQ grill, and cooked up some food. After which we ran on out to the middle of nowhere (30 miles west of Magna, the west side of Grantsville). Took the 12 gauge, .22, and Jacob’s 9mm. Shot from about 4pm till almost 6pm. When there wasn’t enough daylight to keep on shooting, we decided on to head on back. Hung out at my parents till about 8, and decided it was time to go.

Put about 280 miles on my car yesterday. Ran on out to Alpine with my brother, then up to Layton, then down to Taylorsville, out to Magna, out to Grantsville, back to Magna, then to Taylorsville, then to Layton, and then back home.

Blah…So bored!!!

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Uneventful weekend for sure. We did manage to watch Season 3 of Robot Chicken. I forgot how damn funny that cartoon is.

My car is making some nice clucking noise. Noise started Friday afternoon. Not sure if it’s from the last time I did car work. When trying to do the strut mount bearing, I managed to ripped the boot on the tie rod end. I thinking/hope it’s just the sway bar end links. Cheap parts, easy to replace. If it’s anything more then that, i’m not gonna mess with it.

Looks like I won’t be seeing much of Glad this week. She is working Tuesday and Wednesday for Sue. Wednesday she is hanging out with a friend, which I’m guessing is going to be an all day event.

Looks like next week here at work is when we are doing the move. Basically move downstairs for 4-6 weeks as they fix stuff up here. I’m not excited for this. Share desks, tiny desks, etc etc.

Jacob is coming into town Wednesday. I’m totally stoked to see him. Not sure what we’re doing. I know that Saturday we have a family stuff.

I’m working this Thursday so I can have Saturday off from work. Kent was nice enough to switch shifts with me. So I’m working his Thursday, and he is working my Saturday.

Awesome Turkey Day Week…

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Wowzers. 4 days off this week from work.

Monday I got off about 1 1/2hrs early from work. It was so slow, and I just wanted to get out of work and start on my weekend.

Tuesday nothing really much from what I remember. Me and Glad went to Taco Bell for lunch/breakfast. We then meet up with Ben and Val. Went to the pet store, then we went to go feed the ducks. I ended up taking pictures from that. I may upload the pictures up to the website. I’m not fully sure.

Wednesday we went on up to Evanston to go meet up with the ex-inlaws and do some shooting. Had a grand ol time doing that. I took up my dad’s shotgun, and his .22 rifle. Dean brought his 9mm handgun, and his 4 wheeler. We were up in Evanston from about 10:30am till about 5:00pm. James shot the shotgun for the first time. He was pretty scared and nervous at first. Got him shooting some skeet. Needless to say, he had some beginners luck. He took down about 4 out of 5. Glad did pretty good at it also. Both James, and Glad really enjoyed shooting the shotgun. Val shot the shotgun for the first time also, and she really enjoyed it also. Here are the pictures from the trip. This picture here is just priceless. I think I did a great at snapping right at the right moment. It was taken right when James shot the shotgun for the first time. The look on his face is just great.

When we got back into town, I dropped the kids off in Magna with my parents. Me and Glad went on down to Bar Deluxe to see a few bands. It was great running into such old faces/friends that I don’t see very often.

Today for Thanksgiving we went on over to Grandma’s for a few hours. Had a damn good dinner/lunch. James cut his first turkey, and got a kick out of it. Later on we went on over to Glad’s grandma for more food. Needless to say, we were so stuffed we had issues with eating more food. Since we were up in the area, we stopped by Ben’s and Val’s place for about an hour.

Tomorrow I have another day off, and plan on spending some time with Jim.