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Posted in Family on February 8th, 2009 by James

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Pot Roast

Posted in Family on January 13th, 2009 by James

Holy shit!!! Glad made pot roast for dinner, and it was damn tasty. Every little bit of it. Just thought I would blog about it.

Protected: Unbelieveable

Posted in Family on January 4th, 2009 by James

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Christmas 2008

Posted in Family, Movies on December 26th, 2008 by James

Christmas was pretty good all things considered. I had Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off this week. Monday Glad was working, so it was just me and the kids. Had a pretty good mellow day with the kids which was nice. Did some little running around with the kids.

Tuesday did some more running around finished up with the photo albums/xmas gifts that me and the kids got for Justine, Becky, and Glad. My folks came over for about a hour Tuesday night.

Wednesday morning we opened up gifts since the kids would be with Justine xmas morning. I didn’t get much, but I was expecting much. I did manage to get a new hat, a 8 gig memory card for my phone, a Ramones shirt, Swingin Utters CD. We then cooked up a nice breakfast. Eggs, bacon, OJ, potatoes.

Later on I decided to be brave and went to the liquor store since we need booze for that night. Line out the door, so I hit the one in Sandy. Same thing line out the door. But it was smart the way they were doing it. They would let about 10 people in at a given time. When it started cleaning out, they let another 10 people in. Waited outside for about 5 minutes, and I was only in line for a few minutes. The ex-inlaws picked up the kids around 2 or so. We went on up to Stephine’s place for dinner, and to get drunk. We got there a little after 7pm. By 10pm Stephine was in bed drunk as a shunk. So yeah, we decided to leave and head on home.

Christmas morning me and Glad went on out to my parents for breakfast, and to hang out for a bit. Later on in the afternoon, we went on over to Glad’s aunt place for xmas dinner.

This morning woke up to about 8-10″ snow on my car, along with snow packed roads. The freeway was all snow packed all the way down to point of the mountain. Once I got past Thanksgiving point, the roads were mostly just wet. Work is boring as shit today. I hate days like these.

I did manage to watch a few movies this week with Glad. I believe it was Tuesday night we watched Death Race. Silly ass entertaining movie. Xmas we watched Hamlet 2. Well we tried to, but we never finished it. I thought it was pretty stupid, and just couldn’t finish up. Christmas day we watched Traitor. That was alright. Seems like it had some plot holes in it. I kinda wished I paid more attention to it.

Long Exhausting Day Yesterday…

Posted in Family on December 7th, 2008 by James

Saturday was great. Everything about it. Well all the driving did get old. Ended up having a great time with the family. Jacob came up for Richfield with his family. Ben and Val ended up hanging out also. We all meet at my parents around noon. We fired up the BBQ grill, and cooked up some food. After which we ran on out to the middle of nowhere (30 miles west of Magna, the west side of Grantsville). Took the 12 gauge, .22, and Jacob’s 9mm. Shot from about 4pm till almost 6pm. When there wasn’t enough daylight to keep on shooting, we decided on to head on back. Hung out at my parents till about 8, and decided it was time to go.

Put about 280 miles on my car yesterday. Ran on out to Alpine with my brother, then up to Layton, then down to Taylorsville, out to Magna, out to Grantsville, back to Magna, then to Taylorsville, then to Layton, and then back home.

Blah…So bored!!!

Posted in Family, General on December 1st, 2008 by James

Uneventful weekend for sure. We did manage to watch Season 3 of Robot Chicken. I forgot how damn funny that cartoon is.

My car is making some nice clucking noise. Noise started Friday afternoon. Not sure if it’s from the last time I did car work. When trying to do the strut mount bearing, I managed to ripped the boot on the tie rod end. I thinking/hope it’s just the sway bar end links. Cheap parts, easy to replace. If it’s anything more then that, i’m not gonna mess with it.

Looks like I won’t be seeing much of Glad this week. She is working Tuesday and Wednesday for Sue. Wednesday she is hanging out with a friend, which I’m guessing is going to be an all day event.

Looks like next week here at work is when we are doing the move. Basically move downstairs for 4-6 weeks as they fix stuff up here. I’m not excited for this. Share desks, tiny desks, etc etc.

Jacob is coming into town Wednesday. I’m totally stoked to see him. Not sure what we’re doing. I know that Saturday we have a family stuff.

I’m working this Thursday so I can have Saturday off from work. Kent was nice enough to switch shifts with me. So I’m working his Thursday, and he is working my Saturday.

Awesome Turkey Day Week…

Posted in Family, Friends on November 27th, 2008 by James

Wowzers. 4 days off this week from work.

Monday I got off about 1 1/2hrs early from work. It was so slow, and I just wanted to get out of work and start on my weekend.

Tuesday nothing really much from what I remember. Me and Glad went to Taco Bell for lunch/breakfast. We then meet up with Ben and Val. Went to the pet store, then we went to go feed the ducks. I ended up taking pictures from that. I may upload the pictures up to the website. I’m not fully sure.

Wednesday we went on up to Evanston to go meet up with the ex-inlaws and do some shooting. Had a grand ol time doing that. I took up my dad’s shotgun, and his .22 rifle. Dean brought his 9mm handgun, and his 4 wheeler. We were up in Evanston from about 10:30am till about 5:00pm. James shot the shotgun for the first time. He was pretty scared and nervous at first. Got him shooting some skeet. Needless to say, he had some beginners luck. He took down about 4 out of 5. Glad did pretty good at it also. Both James, and Glad really enjoyed shooting the shotgun. Val shot the shotgun for the first time also, and she really enjoyed it also. Here are the pictures from the trip. This picture here is just priceless. I think I did a great at snapping right at the right moment. It was taken right when James shot the shotgun for the first time. The look on his face is just great.

When we got back into town, I dropped the kids off in Magna with my parents. Me and Glad went on down to Bar Deluxe to see a few bands. It was great running into such old faces/friends that I don’t see very often.

Today for Thanksgiving we went on over to Grandma’s for a few hours. Had a damn good dinner/lunch. James cut his first turkey, and got a kick out of it. Later on we went on over to Glad’s grandma for more food. Needless to say, we were so stuffed we had issues with eating more food. Since we were up in the area, we stopped by Ben’s and Val’s place for about an hour.

Tomorrow I have another day off, and plan on spending some time with Jim.

Oh Boy, What a Week….

Posted in Family on November 22nd, 2008 by James

I had more fun then I should be allowed to have. hahah!!!

So James called me Monday from school. “Dad, I’m sick!” etc etc etc. That was around 10am Monday morning. I was planning on leaving around 1:30 from work since I had an appointment with the lawyer.

As I pull into the school to check his sick butt out of school. I see a kid outside playing kickball which looked a lot like James. Sat there for a minute or two, as this kid that looked just like James run around kicking the ball, throwing the ball, etc. As I thinking, ‘nah that can’t be James, he is sick’. ‘It better not be James’.

I go into the office to check him out. When James was walking down the hall, I went down to have a nice little chat with him. Yeah, needless to say, I left his butt at school.

Monday afternoon I went into the lawyer office to finish up the last bit of the paperwork. WooHoo for that. But wow, I’m not impressed with the lawyer’s office one bit.

Tuesday, Ben and I decided to replace my broken strut mount bearing. Needless to say, I ended up making things worse. Long story short, I worked on it from 10am till about 9pm on Tuesday. Wednesday, worked on it with Dad from about 10am till about 4pm. Got my screw up taken care of, but never ended up replacing the strut mount bearing. Oh well, atleast the car is working. Actually, it’s worse off, since the spring is now messed up.

Thursday night me and Glad ended up watching Run Fatboy, Run. I enjoyed the movie.

This next week just the whole Thanksgiving thing. 4 day weekend. Going to my Grandma’s for Thanksgiving with the kids. Hoping to make up to Evanston for a visit on Wednesday.

Things, and Those Things….

Posted in Family, General on November 15th, 2008 by James

Wednesday went to Savers Thrift Store. Found some creepers for 18 bucks. They look brand new, worn maybe once. The creepers look just like these. I’m pretty happy with them so far. I’m not a huge fan of creepers, nor this black/white color of these. But hey, I needed new shoes, and 18 bucks, can’t go wrong there.

Thursday, I had an doctors appointment regarding this skin/rash shit that is going on. The doc confirmed what I thought it was. Atopic Dermatitis aka eczema. Gave me a RX for some cream to throw on. Along with a follow up appointment in 2 weeks.

Friday was payday at work. Very much needed that. After getting myself a pair of pants, some clothes for Jayden, and a few other things. The rest of my money will now go towards bills 🙁
I was really wanting to go to Wendover, but ended up resisting the urge. Ended up getting a pair of Levi’s 511 from Sears. I got them in a black color. I really enjoy these jeans.

The past two nights I’ve been having some really funky dreams. I really wish exwife’s, old coworkers, and friends stayed of my dreams.

For the most part, I’m still a nonsmoker. Few drags, a random cig here and there. I’m on day 10 right now. I really wish Glad would quit. It would help a lot with the random urges I have.

Today is my Grandma’s 80th birthday. I guess me and Glad are heading over there when I get off work.

Silly Kid…

Posted in Family on October 17th, 2008 by James

So Jayden said the funniest thing this past week.

‘Hey Dad, what is a democrat? Is it like a penis?’

Yeah needless to say, me and Glad just busting out laughing hard.