Portland Photo’s

Posted in Portland on August 25th, 2007 by James

Woohoo. Finally got the pictures up from the Portland trip.

Portland-Day 5

Posted in Portland on August 24th, 2007 by James

Ah good ol Sunday. Got up, took a shower, got ready for the day. Went to good over Saturday Market. That was good time looking at all the freaks. Did purchase a few things, saw alot of cool stuff. Got the offer to be sold mushrooms. hahaha… Abunch of nasty ol dirty hippies and bums. hahahah… Really makes SLC stand out for how clean this place is.

Afterwards went to a middle eastern place for lunch. That was alright, nothing great but yet not bad either.

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Portland-Day 4

Posted in Portland on August 24th, 2007 by James

Good ol day 4, this takes us to us to Saturday. Lazy morning for sure. Got gas in the car, went to Walmart, scratch it tickets, few other little things. Did get a money order for my brother, and mailed that out for him for his new guitar. Val and Sean had eye appointments, so we didn’t hang out with them very much.

Packed up the car and went on over to Jasons. Got over there, hanged out for a bit and had a beer. We then went to a German place for dinner. Mighty damn good food, along with another New Castle to wash it down with. Jason showed us around town for a bit. Went back to his place to makes some drinks. Spanish coffee and white russians. Wish we made our jaegar bombs, but oh well. Maybe next time. Later on we ended up watching The Host. Pretty good flick, I was so damn tired that I ended up missing bits and pieces of it. I was surprised that Justine wasn’t the one that feel out, and that she enjoyed the movie. I think she may have enjoyed it more then me.

Biggest disappointment of the day was that our air matress had a hole in it, and failed to keep air. Even packing tape didn’t take care of the problem. Oh well….

Portland-Day 3

Posted in Portland on August 24th, 2007 by James

Day 3, good ol Friday. This is the day that we went to Cannon Beach, Or. Got up took our time for getting ready for the day. Left Vals at around noon if I remember correctly. Cannon Beach was around 1 1/2hr away from Vals place. Felt like it was a waste of a day for sitting in the car 3-4 hours of the day. I ended having a good time making life horrible for Anna (Val’s Kid) for the length of the car ride.

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Portland-Day 2

Posted in Portland on August 24th, 2007 by James

Day 2 was good, sleep in a bit. Woke up to some great weather. Overcast, slight breeze, little bit of a rain spinkle. Had a lazy morning nothing too special. We decided to do a walking tour in the afternon. That was pretty cool. The tour included the bad side of Portland. Murders, drugs, sex, shanghaiing, and locking up japanese americans during WW2.

After that we ate like abunch pigs at Sizzler, and then on back to Val’s place. We then went to an English Pub called Horse Brass. It was a nice place, but not what we were looking for. I’ve gotta add that Val fell in the parking lot on the way into Horse Brass. Fell flat on her face. Felt bad for her, but it was damn funny at the same time. Due to the place being a bit on the lame side for what we were looking for. We went back to Cheers. I must say that Horse Brass is awesome just for the simple fact for having New Castle on tap.

Overall a good day, just like the rest of the trip.

Portland-Day 1

Posted in Portland on August 16th, 2007 by James

The trip started Tuesday after I got off work. I managed to get off a bit early. Which at that point I ran home, packed up the car, finished up the last little things. Didn’t hit the road till about 7pm. We then processed to drive on up to Boise, ID. The drive up there was nothing special and exciting. Got up to Boise and got our room at Motel 6. That place has gotten really cheap, far from anything special. I remember Motel 6 being nicer, but it had 4 walls and a roof. That’s all that mattered. We then ran to a Burger King that was 24/7. We didn’t make it to boise till about 11:00 if I remember right.

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