Las Vegas…..

Posted in Vegas on June 5th, 2011 by James
Las Vegas.....

Me and Angela went to Las Vegas over Memorial Day weekend for PRB. We had a great time there in Vegas. We left on the Thursday before Memorial Day at around 2pm. Had to run James up to Justine’s house, then we headed on down to Vegas. Took us a while to get there. Longer than I wanted to, but we took our time. Stop in St. George, along with a few other stops along the way. Took us over 7 hours to make it to Vegas.

The first night we stayed at a suite at the Luxor. It was nice and we both really enjoyed it. That first night we walked down the strip for a little bit and had a good time. The other four nights we stayed at the Gold Spike just a block away from Freemont. We mostly went due to a punk rock music fest down there. Saw some great band. Cock Sparrer, Leftover Crack, Street Dogs, Stiff Little Fingers, Dropkick Murphys, and many more. Meet up/ran into some peoples from Utah, and that was great. Overall, we had a great time. But it should be noted, I’m NEVER going to stay in Vegas for 5 nights ever again. It became one expensive trip, mostly due to Blackjack.

I’m not gonna go into great details regarding the trip. Be too much to type. But yeah, no major complaints about Vegas. Good music, good times, and good memories to last a lifetime…….