Second Weekend

Posted in Friends, General, Movies on January 14th, 2019 by James

Second weekend of the year, and everything is still going good. Diet is going alright, didn’t eat the best this weekend. Went to La Puente for dinner Friday evening, and it was damn tasty.

We finished up Killing Eve, and it’s a great show. We also finished up Sick Note, and Barry. Both alright shows.

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Birthday Weekend

Posted in Family, Friends, General, Music on February 4th, 2014 by James
Birthday Weekend

I must say I had a good weekend. Better than expected. Friday, me and Angela got ready, and went to Club Metro to check out Corvid and we saw part of Tragic Black. Corvid put on a great show. Besides that, it was okay. The vibe felt odd with the few people there. Angela was nice enough to drive my drunken ass home.

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Memories, Hooks, and Guns!

Posted in Family, Friends, General on September 22nd, 2010 by James
Memories, Hooks, and Guns!

Let’s see, a lot of has happened over the past week. Last Friday I went to Club Vegas with a friend to see Corvid play a show. Had a good fun time. To my surprise my parents both went to Club Vegas to Corvid/Ben play. It was a lot of fun. Didn’t make it to bed till around 2am if I remember right. No biggie, but had to be up at 5:30am to get some fishing done.

So I got up at 5am or so to meet up with Jim to get some fishing done. We decided to go up and hit Strawberry. It was a great trip, just wish the fishing was better. I managed to catch a 14″ rainbow after a few hours of nothing. We ended up a getting a few bites. Called it quits at around 10:30-11:00. I wanted to be back into SLC at around noon. I managed to get home at 12:30. At 2pm I meet the Crums for lunch at Rodizio Grill up in SLC. We all enjoyed the food, and it was a great time. I was beyond the point of tired, and not even thinking right. Some time over the weekend, I also managed to buy a Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun. I got a pretty good price on it, $177.00 from evil Walmart.

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Camping = Epic

Posted in Friends on August 1st, 2010 by James
Camping = Epic

Camping was a great, along with the weekend. I had Thursday and Friday off from work. Relaxed Thursday morning and took my time getting ready. Was out the door at around 11pm, headed on over Jim’s place. Get there, went to Walmart, Arbys, and loaded everything up in the truck. We then started our way on up to Causey Res. We had to take 2 cars since everyone wouldn’t fit in Jim’s truck.

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So Excited…..

Posted in Friends on July 28th, 2010 by James
So Excited.....

SOOOOO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!! 24 hours from now I’ll be camping with Jim, and Jen. Jen decided to fly into SLC, instead of driving into SLC. Me and Jim are gonna go pick her up from the airport. Hit the bar up for some pool and beer. I think the plan for tomorrow is meet up around noon, and head on up to Causey Res. Boat into some random place, and camp there. I’m super excited, should be a good time. I haven’t done any camping in over 2 years. I’m super excited to have the next 2 days off from work. I have Thursday and Friday off from work. I plan on posting a bunch of pictures when I get back.


Posted in Friends, General on November 28th, 2009 by James

Had a pretty good Thanksgiving. I had Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off from work. I should have worked Thursday and Friday since I need the money. Nothing too exciting happened on Tuesday. Wednesday took the kids on up to Evanston. Hung out for a bit, and went shooting with Dean. That was fun as always. Then drove on home and got home the same time as Glad. Glad was working and didn’t go up to Evanston with me. When I got home, Ben needed help with hauling a washer on up to his apartment. So I helped Jacob and Ben move the washer on up. Jessica and Martin invited us on over for some dinner. Had beans and rice. That was really tasty.

Thursday for lunch we went on over to Glad’s parents for some yummy turkey. Then for dinner we went on over to my Grandma’s for turkey dinner. Got home at around 7:30 watched some Heroes with Glad. Val was in town from Portland. So me, Val, Glad, Ben, and Val went to the dollars movies to see Surrogates. We were planning on seeing Halloween II, but it wasn’t playing. Surrogates was an alright movie. Nothing too special, but a cool idea. Could have been better.

Friday, me and Glad went to the new Winco. It was alright, I don’t like the way the store is laid out. But good decent prices, and can’t go wrong there. We then made Sheppard’s Pie and had a few people over. We had Matt, Val, and the neighbors over for that. Glad was working the 8 till midnight shift at work. So she left at about 7:30 for work. Later on in the night Judd, and Adam came over. They all left at around 12:30 since I had work in the morning. Overall a good drunken time with friends.

The Past Week…

Posted in Friends, Movies on August 28th, 2009 by James
The Past Week...

Woke up Tuesday morning and got the kids off to school. Went back to bed for a few hours then got up to see Inglourious Basterds. Glad wasn’t feeling up to it, and stayed at home. So I just went by myself. I really enjoyed the movie, and thought it was great. It was about time I saw a full price movie that I enjoyed. I guess I enjoy the Watchmen also.

Tuesday night, Val Crum came into town. We took the kids to see Def Leppard and Poison. Not really my cup of tea, but I had a good time. Traffic was HORRIBLE. We got there an hour late and missed Cheap Trick. If traffic wasn’t an issue, we would have gotten there in 5-10 minutes. But it took a good solid hour to get there. Then afterwards, it took us an hour to get home. It was worth it, and I had a good time.

Wednesday night, me and the kids went to Valley Fair Mall. I got a new case for my phone. Afterwards, Jim came over to play some cribbage. Usually the games of cribbage with Jim are real close, or I get my ass kicked. Needless to say, it was the other way around. Either way, I had a good time.

Stupid Car….

Posted in Friends, Music on June 21st, 2009 by James
Stupid Car....

My week had it’s up and down. Got myself a new cell phone. Got the Google G1 cell phone that I”ve been eyeballing for the past 2 weeks. I dig the phone for the most part. Few complaints about it, but nothing major by any means.

Thursday night me, Glad, and Jayden ran to Smith’s to grab a few needed items. Jumped in the car to come back home, and the car wouldn’t turn over. Tried getting a jump, which was no luck. We had Glad’s dad take us back home. As I was running around wondering what I was gonna do for work in the morning. I remembered that my buddy Matt is a tow truck driver, so I ended calling him for a tow. I’m using my grandma’s truck for the time being to get around. I believe it’s the starter that has gone bad, which is about 150 dollars. Should be easy to replace for the most part, just sucks right now. I have 35 dollars to my name for another few days. We also had Jim over Tuesday and Wednesday night.

Friday night Megan was nice enough to pay for my way to see the Germs play. We saw Negative Charge, Krum Bums, and The Germs. Had a good time for the most part. Burts was packed full of people. All of the bands put on a great set. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Germs. These older bands try to make a come back, and just do a horrible job.

No fun plans for the next week, just pulling that starter on Tuesday and getting it tested. Then try to come up with the money to get a new starter.

Looked Like a Murder Scene…

Posted in Friends on June 12th, 2009 by James
Looked Like a Murder Scene...

This past week was very laid back and mellow. No major complaints. I guess the highlight of the week was having Jim over Wednesday night for games, and booze. Me, Glad, and Jim spilt 2 bottles of wine. Jim had maybe 2 glasses of wine. Me and Glad ended up drinking the rest of it. Got nice and drunk. Play some fun games with Jim, and had some bean/salsa dip.

Well needless to say, Jim left around 1am or so. I went to have one last cig, and went to bed. I thought everything was good till the room started spinning. Yeah it wasn’t good, I ended up trying to make it to the toilet in time and it just didn’t happen. Between the wine, beans, salsa, and my hand over my mouth. It wasn’t good. It was like putting your thumb over the end of the garden hose. All over the carpet, the door, the clean clothes, etc.

New Years Eve

Posted in Friends on January 3rd, 2009 by James

So yeah, I had a great time New Years Eve. Thanks to Derek and Donna. I had a great time.

Sorry to Ben that got sicker then shit.