Stupid Car….

Posted in Friends, Music on June 21st, 2009 by James
Stupid Car....

My week had it’s up and down. Got myself a new cell phone. Got the Google G1 cell phone that I”ve been eyeballing for the past 2 weeks. I dig the phone for the most part. Few complaints about it, but nothing major by any means.

Thursday night me, Glad, and Jayden ran to Smith’s to grab a few needed items. Jumped in the car to come back home, and the car wouldn’t turn over. Tried getting a jump, which was no luck. We had Glad’s dad take us back home. As I was running around wondering what I was gonna do for work in the morning. I remembered that my buddy Matt is a tow truck driver, so I ended calling him for a tow. I’m using my grandma’s truck for the time being to get around. I believe it’s the starter that has gone bad, which is about 150 dollars. Should be easy to replace for the most part, just sucks right now. I have 35 dollars to my name for another few days. We also had Jim over Tuesday and Wednesday night.

Friday night Megan was nice enough to pay for my way to see the Germs play. We saw Negative Charge, Krum Bums, and The Germs. Had a good time for the most part. Burts was packed full of people. All of the bands put on a great set. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Germs. These older bands try to make a come back, and just do a horrible job.

No fun plans for the next week, just pulling that starter on Tuesday and getting it tested. Then try to come up with the money to get a new starter.

Looked Like a Murder Scene…

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Looked Like a Murder Scene...

This past week was very laid back and mellow. No major complaints. I guess the highlight of the week was having Jim over Wednesday night for games, and booze. Me, Glad, and Jim spilt 2 bottles of wine. Jim had maybe 2 glasses of wine. Me and Glad ended up drinking the rest of it. Got nice and drunk. Play some fun games with Jim, and had some bean/salsa dip.

Well needless to say, Jim left around 1am or so. I went to have one last cig, and went to bed. I thought everything was good till the room started spinning. Yeah it wasn’t good, I ended up trying to make it to the toilet in time and it just didn’t happen. Between the wine, beans, salsa, and my hand over my mouth. It wasn’t good. It was like putting your thumb over the end of the garden hose. All over the carpet, the door, the clean clothes, etc.

New Years Eve

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So yeah, I had a great time New Years Eve. Thanks to Derek and Donna. I had a great time.

Sorry to Ben that got sicker then shit.

Awesome Turkey Day Week…

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Wowzers. 4 days off this week from work.

Monday I got off about 1 1/2hrs early from work. It was so slow, and I just wanted to get out of work and start on my weekend.

Tuesday nothing really much from what I remember. Me and Glad went to Taco Bell for lunch/breakfast. We then meet up with Ben and Val. Went to the pet store, then we went to go feed the ducks. I ended up taking pictures from that. I may upload the pictures up to the website. I’m not fully sure.

Wednesday we went on up to Evanston to go meet up with the ex-inlaws and do some shooting. Had a grand ol time doing that. I took up my dad’s shotgun, and his .22 rifle. Dean brought his 9mm handgun, and his 4 wheeler. We were up in Evanston from about 10:30am till about 5:00pm. James shot the shotgun for the first time. He was pretty scared and nervous at first. Got him shooting some skeet. Needless to say, he had some beginners luck. He took down about 4 out of 5. Glad did pretty good at it also. Both James, and Glad really enjoyed shooting the shotgun. Val shot the shotgun for the first time also, and she really enjoyed it also. Here are the pictures from the trip. This picture here is just priceless. I think I did a great at snapping right at the right moment. It was taken right when James shot the shotgun for the first time. The look on his face is just great.

When we got back into town, I dropped the kids off in Magna with my parents. Me and Glad went on down to Bar Deluxe to see a few bands. It was great running into such old faces/friends that I don’t see very often.

Today for Thanksgiving we went on over to Grandma’s for a few hours. Had a damn good dinner/lunch. James cut his first turkey, and got a kick out of it. Later on we went on over to Glad’s grandma for more food. Needless to say, we were so stuffed we had issues with eating more food. Since we were up in the area, we stopped by Ben’s and Val’s place for about an hour.

Tomorrow I have another day off, and plan on spending some time with Jim.


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Wow!!! Where the hell do I even begin in explaining my past week?

So Sunday I left work a few hours later, I wasn’t feeling the greatest. Big ol long story short, Justine stayed over Sunday night. She had some serious issues with her GF. We stayed awake till about 2am talking and bullshitting. Didn’t fully fall asleep till about 3am. Then up at 6am cause of more issues. Needless to say, I called into work sick/late. Needed to catch up on some zzzzzz, and try to help Justine out as much as possible.

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Justun Hepler

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Crazy I tell you. Used to work with him about 10 years ago out at Packard Bell. He left shortly after he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Got into work this morning and saw this on KSL about him. Such a great awesome guy.

Last Night BBQ

Posted in Friends on August 31st, 2008 by James

Last night we had a BBQ. Had Nick, his two brothers, and his son over. Cooked up some fake veggie burgers, along with some pork chops. They were only over for about 2 hours. Glad’s friend was suppose to come over, but that never happened. Either way, it was nice evening.

I’ve also put some pictures from the Vegas trip that me and Glad took back in May. You can find them at the new gallery ( I plan on shifting my pictures around, and getting rid of some of the old ones. I’ve been wanting to do this for the past 9 months. Just started on it today.

Woah I’m Slacking….

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Wow! 2 weeks without a single post. Slacking indeed. GBH was an alright show. But I must say, that the Avalon just sucks. I really hate that place. I don’t think I’m ever going there again. Which I hate to say, since Lower Class Brats is playing in a few weeks there. I would love to see LCB again, but fuck that place. Oh well, I’ve seen LCB enough times anyway.

The highlight of this week was seeing Sandy. She came up from AZ for a week. Meet up her and Carrie at Burts last Friday. That was a good drunken time. Those two got a chance to meet Glad. Negative Charge was playing at Burts, which was a double bonus. Monday night, Jim came over along with Sandy. Hung out for a few hours just smoking, drinking, and bullshitting. Tuesday night we all BBQ. Jim, Sandy, Carrie, the Kids, and Glad. That was a good time just catching up, joking, bullshitting, etc. Wednesday night, me and Sandy went to Club Vegas. That was okay, it was nice getting out. Tragic Black was playing, it wasn’t anything special. It was just okay.

It’s amazing at how good the kids have behaved over the past week. I don’t think they fought at all over the past week. Just a big surprise compared to a month ago.

Work has been going really good. I’ve been busting ass. Which is amazing to consider there for awhile I could get motivated to do much of anything.

Jason Up From Portland…

Posted in Friends on July 6th, 2008 by James

Yesterday morning I got a nice surprise to hear that Jason was town for the weekend. He ended up coming over for a bit to check out the new apartment. Me, Glad, and Him then went to his buddies pool hall. We play pool for about an hour. Only hung out for about 2 hours. But it was better then nothing. Makes me wanna take another trip on up to Portland.

Busy Week….

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Oh boy, what a busy week it has been. Between fixing the broken washer, to taking the kids up to Evanston, and everything inbetween.

Ripped apart the washer Monday night, and turns out there was a small leak in the pump. New pump 50 bucks. Threw some JB Weld over the hole, and that appears to have fixed the leak. The next snag was putting the washer back together. That was a bit tricky, me and Glad sorta got it back together. But the washer was very unbalanced. Needless to say, it was useable, but very loud.

Tuesday when Ben got off work, he help me throw out the extra dryer since we didn’t need it. Didn’t have anywhere to store it. Me and Ben ended up cutting Jayden a mohawk. Glad bleeched, and dyed it blue. It looks damn good on him. Tuesday night, I went out with Amy, her cousin, and one of her friends from Price. That was nice, haven’t seen her for about 9-12 months.

Wednesday, I can’t even think about happened. I do know that Jim came over in the evening to help me look at the washer. Glad started at Club Vegas. Currently she is working the door two nights a week.

Thursday, Jayden had a doctors appointment in the morning. Glad had a doc appointment also in the afternoon. After all the stupid running around, we took the kiddies on up to Evanston, had dinner, and hung out for a bit.

Those three days just flew by. Not sure what happened to my days off. I hope this next week, to get some camping and fishing.