Birthday Weekend

Posted in Family, Friends, General, Music on February 4th, 2014 by James
Birthday Weekend

I must say I had a good weekend. Better than expected. Friday, me and Angela got ready, and went to Club Metro to check out Corvid and we saw part of Tragic Black. Corvid put on a great show. Besides that, it was okay. The vibe felt odd with the few people there. Angela was nice enough to drive my drunken ass home.

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March 29th – Vegas

Posted in Music on January 11th, 2011 by James

Looks like the Adicts are playing Las Vegas March 26th (Saturday). I’ve been wanting to take a trip down to Vegas. Looks like this might be a damn good reason for a trip on down there.

Corvid Last Night

Posted in Music on September 5th, 2009 by James

Me and Glad went to the Abyss (bar downtown) to see Corvid. It was the first show that Corvid has done. It was pretty good, lots of energy. For a first show, I would have to say they did a good job. It was fun and entertaining. Music wise, I don’t know. It may take some growing on me to really enjoy it. It wasn’t bad by any means, but some songs I thought were a bit long and drawn out. I must say, that Ben seems to have gotten much better with the guitar.

Stupid Car….

Posted in Friends, Music on June 21st, 2009 by James
Stupid Car....

My week had it’s up and down. Got myself a new cell phone. Got the Google G1 cell phone that I”ve been eyeballing for the past 2 weeks. I dig the phone for the most part. Few complaints about it, but nothing major by any means.

Thursday night me, Glad, and Jayden ran to Smith’s to grab a few needed items. Jumped in the car to come back home, and the car wouldn’t turn over. Tried getting a jump, which was no luck. We had Glad’s dad take us back home. As I was running around wondering what I was gonna do for work in the morning. I remembered that my buddy Matt is a tow truck driver, so I ended calling him for a tow. I’m using my grandma’s truck for the time being to get around. I believe it’s the starter that has gone bad, which is about 150 dollars. Should be easy to replace for the most part, just sucks right now. I have 35 dollars to my name for another few days. We also had Jim over Tuesday and Wednesday night.

Friday night Megan was nice enough to pay for my way to see the Germs play. We saw Negative Charge, Krum Bums, and The Germs. Had a good time for the most part. Burts was packed full of people. All of the bands put on a great set. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Germs. These older bands try to make a come back, and just do a horrible job.

No fun plans for the next week, just pulling that starter on Tuesday and getting it tested. Then try to come up with the money to get a new starter.

Let the Dominoes Fall

Posted in Music on June 14th, 2009 by James
Let the Dominoes Fall

I didn’t know what to think of at first when I heard Rancid’s new album Let the Dominoes Fall. I must say that it’s growing on me now. I’m able to listen to it now, and somewhat enjoy it.

Crazy Week, Lots of Movies

Posted in Movies, Music on May 1st, 2009 by James

Seen abunch of movies over the past week. Tuesday Megan came over which was good. We all went to the Vibrator show. Had an awesome time, but the music was a disappointment. The lead singer/guitar player wasn’t there. So the vocals were shared between the bass, and the drummer. Then they had some new guy on the guitar. Disappointment, yes. Damn good time, yes.

Wow for movies I’ve watched over the past week.

The Wrestler: Awesome, really enjoyed the movie.

The Reader: Still not sure about this movie. I would say that I enjoyed it. I guess it’s worth watching.

The Uninvited: It was entertaining. Not sure about the ending. But I wouldn’t say it was good.

Baghead: -yawn- Something about it, that I enjoyed. What that was, I don’t know. Cause it sounds like a lame movie, and was to a point.

Drunk Drunk Drunk….

Posted in Music on March 14th, 2009 by James

Got nice and drunk last night at Club Vegas. Did the whole carpool thing with Megan and the three of us went to go see Agent Orange. It was great seeing some good local music, old friends, and a few beers. Had a great time last night. Got a bit too drunk, but the hangover wasn’t too bad so that was nice. I was able to make it into work today.


Posted in Music, Punx on August 1st, 2008 by James

Woohoo GBH, Krum Bum tonight. I’m not too happy about the price, or the venue that it’s at. But should be a good fun time.

List of songs deemed inappropriate by Clear Channel following the September 11, 2001 attacks

Posted in Music on July 20th, 2008 by James

Gotta love wikipedia.

Something I found today. Thought I would post it.

Gotta List of songs deemed inappropriate by Clear Channel following the September 11, 2001 attacks

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Non Smoker-16 Hours and Counting….

Posted in General, Music on April 13th, 2008 by James

So today is day number one to this whole non smoking thing. Just two words. IT SUCKS!!! hahahaha. But I will say that Chantix is some great kick ass stuff. I just hope to kick the nasty habit for good. Then if I can get the GF follow, we are all set.

Had a great day Friday. Justine picked up the kids from my place. Which was nice. Had the day off. Hung out with Glad and Ben all day. Just mainly did some running around. Went to Bohemian for lunch. Ran into the counsin there. Me and Ben watched Grandma’s Boy before head off to the show.

After the movie we got ready and went downtown for the Unseen show. Next door was the Ministry show. Both venue’s share a bar, so it was great. Kinda best of both worlds. Running into friends at both shows. After the unseen, we were able to get next door to catch a bit of the Ministry show. Unseen put on a great show.

I’ve noticed with this whole non smoking thing, that I”ve been packing on the lbs. I’ve gotta knock that shit off.