Non Smoker-16 Hours and Counting….

Posted in General, Music on April 13th, 2008 by James

So today is day number one to this whole non smoking thing. Just two words. IT SUCKS!!! hahahaha. But I will say that Chantix is some great kick ass stuff. I just hope to kick the nasty habit for good. Then if I can get the GF follow, we are all set.

Had a great day Friday. Justine picked up the kids from my place. Which was nice. Had the day off. Hung out with Glad and Ben all day. Just mainly did some running around. Went to Bohemian for lunch. Ran into the counsin there. Me and Ben watched Grandma’s Boy before head off to the show.

After the movie we got ready and went downtown for the Unseen show. Next door was the Ministry show. Both venue’s share a bar, so it was great. Kinda best of both worlds. Running into friends at both shows. After the unseen, we were able to get next door to catch a bit of the Ministry show. Unseen put on a great show.

I’ve noticed with this whole non smoking thing, that I”ve been packing on the lbs. I’ve gotta knock that shit off.

Last Night was Fun

Posted in Music on March 9th, 2008 by James

So we all ended up going to Gogol Bordello last night. Good fun times. Saw abunch of old faces there, which was nice. Glad’s mom, and her brother went also. Meet up with her friend Stephine. Don’t remember what we were talking about in line while we were waiting for the door to open. But it did have something to do with duct tape, super glue, strippers, and how toliet paper glows under a black light.

Gogol was freaking awesome. But Stephine did too many shots when we got there. Was sick by the time Gogol played. I was just ‘blah’ like always. Not to mention beer was far from cheap. It was getting late, plus the whole ‘spring forward’ bullshit. Plus having to get up early for work. We only saw Gogol play for about 10-20 minutes, then we left.

I would have loved to stay, and enjoy it. But everyone was ready to go. Either way, it was still a good fun time.

Gogol Bordello

Posted in Music on March 8th, 2008 by James

Going tonight to see Gogol Bordello with Glad, her mom, maybe her brother, and I think some of Glad’s friends. Should be a good fun time. It’ll be better then work for damn sure. Not sure what I think about the music. But it should still good a good entertaining time.

Machine Head

Posted in Friends, Music on February 14th, 2007 by James

Monday night after work, me and ray (coworker from verio) headed on up to my place. Picked up Justine, and off we go. Went to Taco Bell, both me and Justine were staving. We were at Taco Bell when the mother in law called to tell us about the shooting up Trolley Square. Crazy Stuff!!! We then hit Trails for a bit since we had time to waste. I guess we were there for about 45 minutes to a hour. Had a couple beers. Left there to hit Club Vegas. We show up at 10, and there was a bit of a line. Took us a good solid 10 minutes to make it thur the line. I’m guessing even longer, maybe 20 minutes the more I think about it. I guess the line was huge earlier in the day. Where it took hours to get thur the line. We missed the first two opening bands which sucks. Machine Head started playing at around 11, finished at midnight. I’m really surprised they didn’t play till 1. It was a good show for what it was. After enough beers, any show is good. We then took off, went to Denny’s to meet Marcia. Had a good time there in my drunken state. If I remember right, I think I got to bed around 3:30-4:00. Then up at 8:45 for work. Far from enough sleep, I was sooooo ready for a nap the next day at around 2am.

Angel City Outcasts

Posted in Music on January 4th, 2007 by James

Found out that Angel City Outcasts was playing up at Urban last night. Sister in law came down from Evanston for the weekend to hang out. So she watched the kids as we went to the bar. Had a good time, few beers, UxP from uxpx showed up, and Justine went. I don’t think they had a good time. I’m glad that I ended up going. Far from the best show, but wasn’t horrible either. Wish I home sooner. ACO who we went to see didn’t start till 12:30. Played till about 1:15-1:30. Got to bed at around 2:30.

It snowed today. WOOHOO!!! Afraid there for a bit with it raining in January? Global warming?

Black Port

Posted in General, Music on October 7th, 2006 by James

What a week it has been. Work has been busy, it has been busy for a while now. Granted call after call just gets old after awhile. Last night, my dad watched the kids. Me and Justine went out to Club Vegas. Had alot of fun there. Saw Hellbound Saints, Tragic Black, and Carphax Files play. Tragic Black I thought put on a great show, along with Carphax Files. Justine brought a friend and his sister. Ran into Bob and Joe which was cool. We all went to Village Inn afterwards. hahahah, Saw Phil from work there also which I thought was cool. Along with some other dude that I work with at Alorica years ago. Rancid played Thursday and Friday in SLC. Wish I made it to see Rancid, but oh well. Seen em play 2 or 3 times in the past. Oh well…..

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Long One

Posted in Friends, General, Music, Technology on July 16th, 2006 by James

Wow, really slacked off this week on updating my lame ol blog.

Well, I didn’t meet up with 1984 (Ted) Tuesday night, pretty nice guy. The internet is amazing, bring people together from thousands miles away. I meet him at the BYU stadium, in Provo. We then went to AGB (bar) in Provo. Drank a few beers and played pool. Jason and Ryan from Springville came on up for a bit. After a few hours, I took Ted back to BYU. He wanted me to come in and meet his sister and roommates. We walk inside, and holy smokes. Yeah total mormons. Piano in the corner, pictures of good lord, and best of all. Home teachers were over. hahahah…. They left a few minutes after us showing up, (I think we scared em away). Then we talked about religious, mormons, cults, suicide bombers, etc for a good hour. I then left at around 11pm back for home.

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Posted in Music, Punx on June 22nd, 2006 by James

Last night went to Club Vegas, saw my buddies band, along with Flatfoot 56. I don’t remember the band name for the guys from Springville. Good music 77 rock n roll stuff. Ramones/Dead Boys type of stuff. Really good, but need a tighter set. But only expected with 5 shows under their belt. Give em 6 months, and they should be tearing things up. Flatfoot 56, I wasn’t expecting much. But WOW, these guys know how to rock. Skin/OI/Punk stuff. Shit, even bagpipes. Really good shit. Only drawback, I think they are abunch of Jesus lovers. Not a problem at all. But playing Amazing Grace on the bagpipes was a bit much. Heard some good cover songs. Ramones, Dead Boys, Blitz, Cock Sparrer, and Quiet Riot.

Tuesday night, I went into the part time job. Worked till 10pm there. They are a bit short staffed, and I was able to pick up a few extra hours. So I figuered, why not.

Not really anything fun planned for the weekend yet. Just work. Boog is trying to be cool like me, and work 60hrs this week also at work. heheh. Plan on watching a movie with the kiddies tonight, and order pizza.

Long Weekend…

Posted in Family, Friends, Music on June 11th, 2006 by James

Had a pretty long weekend. I guess it was productive. Worked the part time job on Friday for a bit. Took off early, went to dinner, went over to Joe’s had a few beers, then went on over to the Business show. Brain Failure was good as always. The Business, I wasn’t too impressed. Just everything about it, I wasn’t impressed. Drinking before and after the show was good. Went on over to Jackie’s after the show.

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Good Times

Posted in General, Music, Punx on March 24th, 2006 by James

I had a good time at the show last night. Great line up of bands. Subhumans was alright, not bad, but not great. Just good. Got myself a Subhumans shirt also. All of my tshirts are too big now. Also getting worn out. Afterwards, me and Justine went to Village Inn. It was good to see everyone. Nick, Joe, Wriley, Jackie, Magoo, etc.

I could kill Sprint PCS. Woke up this morning, to my cell phone being turned off. So I called the bastard paid 50 bucks to get the phone going again. Bill was due the 20th, and it’s the 24th. It’s also pretty funny, that it turned off cause I’m above my ‘spending limit’. Sprint PCS gives a spending limit which I was above. So between the payment being 4 days late, and being above the ‘spending limit’, they killed the service. I sorta understand a ‘spending limit’. But I haven’t even got my next bill yet. But yet, I’m above the ‘spending limit’ where they can kill my service. But I have yet to even receive that bill yet.