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Woohoo GBH, Krum Bum tonight. I’m not too happy about the price, or the venue that it’s at. But should be a good fun time.


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Tuesday night was the Exploited show. Lots of bands, 7 of them. 3 local, 4 touring bands. Had alot of fun. Meet up with the guys from Negative Charge, hung out back stage, drank beer, bullshitted, got a picture with Wattie, and talked with the bass player from The Exploited. It was alot of fun, most fun I’ve had in a long time. I was impressed with all of the bands. Alot of the time, there is abunch of shitty bands with maybe 1 or 2 good/alright bands. Saw abunch of old faces which was nice. I think I got some really good pictures, I have yet to look at em on my computer. Plan on doing that tomorrow, and upload them to the website. Here is a list of the bands that play:

Negative Charge, The Willkills, and Skint

The Gouls, So Unloved, Final Conflict, and The Exploited


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Last night went to Club Vegas, saw my buddies band, along with Flatfoot 56. I don’t remember the band name for the guys from Springville. Good music 77 rock n roll stuff. Ramones/Dead Boys type of stuff. Really good, but need a tighter set. But only expected with 5 shows under their belt. Give em 6 months, and they should be tearing things up. Flatfoot 56, I wasn’t expecting much. But WOW, these guys know how to rock. Skin/OI/Punk stuff. Shit, even bagpipes. Really good shit. Only drawback, I think they are abunch of Jesus lovers. Not a problem at all. But playing Amazing Grace on the bagpipes was a bit much. Heard some good cover songs. Ramones, Dead Boys, Blitz, Cock Sparrer, and Quiet Riot.

Tuesday night, I went into the part time job. Worked till 10pm there. They are a bit short staffed, and I was able to pick up a few extra hours. So I figuered, why not.

Not really anything fun planned for the weekend yet. Just work. Boog is trying to be cool like me, and work 60hrs this week also at work. heheh. Plan on watching a movie with the kiddies tonight, and order pizza.

Protected: Last Night

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Good Times

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I had a good time at the show last night. Great line up of bands. Subhumans was alright, not bad, but not great. Just good. Got myself a Subhumans shirt also. All of my tshirts are too big now. Also getting worn out. Afterwards, me and Justine went to Village Inn. It was good to see everyone. Nick, Joe, Wriley, Jackie, Magoo, etc.

I could kill Sprint PCS. Woke up this morning, to my cell phone being turned off. So I called the bastard paid 50 bucks to get the phone going again. Bill was due the 20th, and it’s the 24th. It’s also pretty funny, that it turned off cause I’m above my ‘spending limit’. Sprint PCS gives a spending limit which I was above. So between the payment being 4 days late, and being above the ‘spending limit’, they killed the service. I sorta understand a ‘spending limit’. But I haven’t even got my next bill yet. But yet, I’m above the ‘spending limit’ where they can kill my service. But I have yet to even receive that bill yet.


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Subhumans tonight. WooHoo!!! Should be lots of fun. All Systems Fail, Endless Struggle, A Global Threat, Subhumans. weeeeeeeeee…….

The GBH (long ol post)

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The GBH show was alright. GBH put on a good set. I’ve seen them two other times in the past. I really enjoyed the last time they played. GBH play a long good set. The venue sucks, it’s horrible. Mostly it was just security. It was like a police state in there, it was dumb. Negative Charge did alright, not bad. Till they played ‘Silenced’ which they just did a horrible job at. The drummer was in super speed mood. Which just threw everyone off. Even after all the band member looked at him like, ‘wtf are you doing’ he just keep on going in super mood. Granted it’s one of the faster songs, but damn. He was drumming at a good 2x faster then what it should have been. Which just threw the rest of the band off. Another thing I hated at the GBH show was all the damn little kids. Not just kids, but damn. They were just beening annoying as shit.

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Can I get a ‘w00t w00t!’

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GBH TONIGHT!!! w00t!! w00t!!