Past Week

Posted in Family, General, Technology on March 10th, 2006 by James

Let’s see what has gone on in the past week. Nothing too exciting at work. GBH is tonight, which I’m totally excited about. Subhumans play here in about 2 weeks. I’m leaving at 6pm tonight from work for the GBH show.

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It’s Comtastic!!

Posted in Technology on February 28th, 2006 by James

So yeah, some guy came by the other day, trying to get our Comcast rates down. I guess with this current deal. It was cheaper to go with the faster internet, and it be cheaper. speed test speed test result on 2006-02-28 02:20:55 EST:
8043 / 677
Your download speed : 8043 kbps or 1005.4 KB/sec.
That is 81.2% better than avg. other reports from

Your upload speed : 677 kbps or 84.6 KB/sec.
That is 71.3% better than avg. other reports from


Posted in Friends, General, Technology on February 26th, 2006 by James

Let’s see here, Friday night I catched a few local bands over at Club Vegas. Redemption, Carphax Files, and Tragic Back. CF and TB was great. I got really drunk. Ended up going home afterwards, threw up a bit, and passed out. Morning, woke up with a horrible headache, drank some water, puked that up. Ah, the joys. I did manage to make it into Alorica Saturday. Three hours late. Opps…haha

I am the newest member of Costco Warehouse. hahahahah. I did manage to get the car washed Saturday morning, and went to Costco. Got a membership card, also got the wireless keyboard/mouse I was wanting. I dig the mouse and keyboard. It’ll take some getting use to.

The keyboard/mouse.

Saturday night, the kids wanted to have a sleep over at my parents. Justine was busy working her graveyard shift. I ended up going on over to Jim’s for a few games of poker with his buddies. Had a fun time with that.

I think I may buy myself a 74gig WD Raptor drive from newegg this week.

Found out about my raise from work. Not anything to brag about, but I’m not complaining. My review wasn’t too bad either.

New Things

Posted in General, Technology on January 29th, 2006 by James

Woohoo, got myself a pack of dual layer dvd media. 20 bucks at Office Max for a max of 10. Normally priced at 40 bucks. Give me something to play with.

Went over and checked out the Sister-in-Law’s new apartment. It’s about 2400 S. and Redwood. It’s far from any special. Actually, it’s very far from anything special. It’s a total dump for the most part. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being great. I give it a 3. I think mostly can’t it wasn’t cleaned before hand. Yellow wall, trash, etc. It’s just bad. But you know I has what it needs. 4 walls, and a roof. Space wise, it’s not bad. Just really dirty, it’s a shame.


Posted in Technology on January 20th, 2006 by James

Woohoo, about freaking time, the new version of e107 came out. Now the joys of upgrading it.

Time to upgrade

So yeah..

Posted in Technology on December 14th, 2005 by James

So yeah, this is my new blog. Got myself a free vps (web hosting) out at work. I might as well put it to use. The domain name maybe changing. We’ll see, yahoo offers really dirt cheap domain names right now. 3.00 bucks a year. But yeah, we’ll see.