Here We Go Again…

Posted in General, Movies on October 19th, 2008 by James

With my lame update of the week.

Tuesday not much of anything from what I remember. Wednesday was James’s birthday. Had my parents over, along with Glad’s parents. That was nice having them over. Thursday hung out all day with the kids, Glad, and Ben. We were talking about going to Lagoon, but due to lack of funds, that didn’t happen. Kids were out of school for UEA both Thursday and Friday.

Thursday night, me, Glad, and Ben saw Pineapple Express. That was pretty damn funny. Thursday we also got a new pet. Got a tiny little baby bearded dragon. It’s about 4-5″ long. Pet store said it was only 4 weeks old. Got a pretty good price on it, compared to the price of a full grown. Got it for 25 bucks, usually they run for about $70+ bucks. Crazy to think in about 11 months it’s going to be 16-24″ in size.

Last night me and Glad watched Recount. I really enjoyed the movie. It’s about how Gore lost back in 2000, and the whole deal with the state of FL.

Mr. Brooks

Posted in Movies on September 21st, 2008 by James

Me and Glad ending up watch Mr. Brooks last night. Such a great movie. William Hunt, and Kevin Costner were great.

We also watched Lost Boys: The Tribe. Yeah such a horrible movie, avoid this like the plaque. Everything about it was HORRIBLE!!!

Good Times at the UT State Fair

Posted in Family, General, Movies on September 12th, 2008 by James

The three days were decent days off. Tuesday I basically sat at home and watched a few movies. First movie was Music Within. I really enjoyed this movie. Wednesday hung out with Marcia for a bit. Also found out that the ball was dropped on me getting my 401k money. Just annoying, since I’m needing the money ASAP. Thursday, hung out with Ben for a bit. Went to a few places, and just did pointless lame window shopping. Went to Souper Salad for lunch.

Thursday night, we all went to the fair. I wasn’t too excited for this, but had a great time at the fair.
Glad and both of the kids held snakes. Had a good cheap time there. It was nice that Glad got free passes to the fair.

True Blood

Posted in Movies on September 7th, 2008 by James

Me and Glad watched the pilot episode of True Blood tonight on HBO. New show done by Alan Ball. Show far I really dig his stuff. Nothing is Private is coming out in a few weeks ago. Which is a new movie by him also.

Have I mentioned that me and glad have started watching Dexter. Really digging the show, and getting addicted to it.

WoW, I’ve Gotten Lazy…

Posted in Family, Fishing, Movies on July 19th, 2008 by James

So yeah over the past two weeks, had court, went to Wendover, brought a new camera, took James fishing, and learned that my kids don’t know how to respect me.

Court was alright. I was hoping that it went better. Long story short. I had to post bail for 163 dollars, and have bench trial Sept 25th. But I got my license back.

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Boring Day….

Posted in Family, Movies on June 22nd, 2008 by James

Oh man, what a boring ass day here at work. So yeah Fathers Day was a week ago. My kids didn’t get me shit. I blame Justine, I surely went out of my way to make sure they had Mothers Day gifts a month ago. Whatever…. Just thought I would mention that.

Glad was able to get the hook up from a friend. Got ourselfs a free washer, and dryer. Now it’s just a matter of what I’m gonna do with a spare dryer. Still not sure why we just didn’t get a washer in which we needed. We have had a dryer every since we moved.

Me and Glad also finished up watching season 3 of Weeds. Good stuff I tell ya. But I do have to admit, that season 3 was a bit on the weak side compared to season 2. I read that season 4 appears to be a major disappointment. With the way that season 3 ended, I’m not surprised.

Me and Glad ended up watching The Mist last night. That was………-shrugs- Far from anything special. Overrated. But yet entertaining in some sort of funny way at times.

The Bucket List….

Posted in General, Movies on June 14th, 2008 by James

Watched the The Bucket List with Glad last night. Pretty good flick, I enjoyed it. It’s about two dying men, who becomes friends. Decide to say ‘fuck it’, and do what they wanna do before they die.

Besides that, the weekend has been uneventful.

May end up going to a party tonight with my bro, and Val. Not sure if it’s gonna happen or not. I could care less if I go or not. It’s odd, i’m actually okay with just sitting at home, and not doing a damn thing. hahahah….

Death Note

Posted in Movies on May 22nd, 2008 by James

So me and glad have been trying to see Death Note this week. It was showing just Tuesday, and Wednesday night. Tuesday night, it sold out at the threater we tried to see it at. Last night was a total joke. Movie didn’t sell out, so that’s a good thing, got a step further into seeing it.

Walked into the threater, and it was like Jr. High all over. Movie didn’t start correctly, then it restarted it, then it failed. 30 minutes of them fucking around with it trying to get it running correct. We thought we were in business.

1/2 way into the movie, it fucked up. Audio cut out, video was still good. The audio that it cut to was to some movie trailer. Which at that point we got up and left. Got our money back, along with free money passes. Wish the movie threater could have given me back 2 hours of my left back.

Oh well, shit happens.

John Adams…

Posted in Movies on May 17th, 2008 by James

Woah, John Adams hits video June 10th. Damn that was quick.


Posted in Movies on May 10th, 2008 by James

So yeah I’m bored out of mind here at work. Getting excited for the whole Vegas trip. Plan on leaving Monday, return Wednesday.

Had Tuesday off from the part time job. Took those silly divorce classes that I needed to take.

Watched a few decent flicks over the past few days.

Saw Hacking Democracy Thursday night at work. That was a decent flick. Basically it’s about how voting machines are unsecure, and can be hacked.

Also saw Cloverfield Thursday night with Glad. That was a fun entertaining flick. Far from anything special, but worth seeing if the chance comes up.

Last night me and Glad order pizza, and sat down to watch Death at a Funeral. DAMN FUNNY MOVIE!!!

My brother got me a bunch of new music. Totally excited for that.