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So excited, but yet so nervous for Monday. I’m sure I’ll do a kick ass job, just hopefully a good enough.

Feeling Lucky – DPG Lockdown

Posted in General, Work on January 27th, 2011 by James
Feeling Lucky - DPG Lockdown

Yup I’m feeling lucky since work got locked down last night. Me and Dad made it out about 5 minutes before they locked it out. Chad (my coworker) who lives in Tooele, UT didn’t make it home till about 8:30am this morning.

The disadvantage to this, I had to be at work. The area where I work is still locked down. So I’m using someone else desk, and it’s very slow today. Not many people here at work today.

Plans for tonight is racquetball with Jim, then meet up with Angela later on tonight. Tomorrow I hope to get my car back up and running. I believe the starter has gone bad. Really annoying since the starter is only about a year old. Then a hockey game tomorrow night.

Crazy Ass Week….

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Crazy Ass Week....

Hmmmmmmm……Yes, it has been a crazy week. About a week ago I broke to the news to Glad that I was done with trying to make things work. It was odd, we were clicking, and everything was going good. Went to Ikea to buy a dresser for the kids and what not. The way back from Ikea I told Glad that I wasn’t happy, and was giving up on things. It was an odd day for sure. Week later, I’m much happier. We still see each other, and hang out. Just giving each other space, and taking a step back from things. We agreed to do the whole separation thing for a bit and see how things work out.

Week ago, I was so stressed and ready to kill. Between work, stresses from Glad, and the kids. I was not happy, and having a very hard day. Took Saturday off from work, and just had an amazing day with Ben, and one of his friends. Saturday was so much needed. It gave me a change to get my head on straight, and relax for a bit.

I found out yesterday that my Secret Security Clearance with the government was approved. Just a relief!!!!

Working just a half day to take James to an doctor appointments up at the U. So I better get out of here.

Early Mornings

Posted in Work on June 29th, 2010 by James
Early Mornings

These early mornings of getting up at 4:30am is starting to get old. I don’t think it will be too bad once Verio is out of the picture. I don’t think that will happen till mid Aug. I will be looking forward to having Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off from work. Wow, that sounds so damn nice. Anyway…..

Bored at Work…..

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So yeah I’m bored here at work. So I’ll go smoke again……..

Crash and Burn

Posted in Work on June 14th, 2010 by James

Yeah, work should be fun today. New help desk that no one has faith in. It’s gonna crash and burn.

New Job

Posted in Work on May 15th, 2010 by Administrator
New Job

So Tuesday of this past week, I had a job interview out at Dugway Proving Ground for doing IT Help Desk stuff. I’m very excited for this job. It does have a few drawbacks, and I won’t get into them right now. I think I will mention is the drive out to Dugway, . Yeah, it’s going to be ugly, but I will adjust just like everything else in my life. There are also other things that have me really worried. I will say that I will miss my current job. I do plan on working both jobs till the end of the summer, in hopes that 70 hours a week won’t kick my butt too much.

WooHoo—Free Vacation to Denver….Well Sorta.

Posted in Work on March 13th, 2010 by James
WooHoo---Free Vacation to Denver....Well Sorta.

This past week, work asked me if I wanted to go to Broomfield, Colorado (Denver). Me and another Tech 2 (Dustin) are going to present some information regarding our VPS/MPS hosting plans and the yearly summit meeting. I’m not really thrilled to come up with the information. Not thrilled to present the information to our resellers, kinda nerve racking. Basically a free trip out of SLC, can’t complain about that. I’m really exciting for the knowledge and the experience of this trip. It’s not until the first part of May, more than enough time to prepare for the trip.


Posted in Work on November 21st, 2009 by James

So yeah I’m trying Marlboro Snus right now while I’m here at work. I have yet to try SNUS since they got popular when Camel came out their version of it. I’m trying the Spearmint flavor, and I must say it’s not bad at all. About 1/2 hour later the Spearmint flavor is close to being gone, and my urge for Nicotine isn’t as strong as it was 1/2 hour ago. This might be the answer to my Nicotine problem here at work. Took some time for it to kick in. I think next time around I’m gonna try Camel’s version. I’m reading that Marlboro’s version is pretty weak.

Crazy Weekend @ Work

Posted in Work on January 11th, 2009 by James

Wow, what a crazy weekend here at work. Both Saturday and Sunday has been busier then normal. Both Saturday, and Sunday felt like I worked for my money. 10 full hours of work. It was crazy, but very nice for a change. Made the day go by fast. It was also changeling for once which was great. But on the same hand exhausting.

Don’t remember much of this past week. I do remember getting another bearded dragon Thursday afternoon. James had a doc appointment, which Justine was at also. It was nice bullshitting with her about stuff. Took the James and Jayden on up to gymnastics.