Poker Weekend

Posted in Blog via Cell Phone on February 21st, 2019 by James

This past weekend wasn’t anything too exciting. Did have a nice three day weekend off with Stephanie. Ran Gabe down to Helper, UT through a snow storm Thursday evening as he had an extended weekend off from school.

Only thing that stands out from the weekend is lunch with Stephanie and Ben on Saturday. Poker Saturday evening. First few hours of that was ugly. But my cards started to hit in the third hour. Came home with a good amount of money of pocket. Putting that towards debt/vacation this summer. Didn’t get home till about 12:30am, in bed at 2am, then Stephanie woke me at 7am for the gym. UGGGGGG, but it was good. I’m happy that I went.

Got our taxes done yesterday. Super expensive, and pointless. We’re getting money back, so I’m not complaining about that. Just more bummed about how much we paid to have them done. I mentioned to Stephanie that it’s something we can easier do at home. Our taxes are far from anything too crazy.

This upcoming weekend nothing too exciting. Maybe poker Saturday night, I think Stephanie wants me home, plus I’m on-call for work. Stephanie is working Saturday which sucks. Maybe the gym on Sunday. But besides that, no plans.

Life is Good

Posted in Friends, General, Movies on February 13th, 2019 by James

So I’ve been with Stephanie for just about 5 years. 5 great wonderful years. So this past weekend we celebrated 5 years from our first date/VD/etc. Went to grab Sushi which was damn tasty. May go again this upcoming weekend. After lunch we went to go see Green Book, which is a great movie. Think it may have been the best movie we’ve seen for 2018.

Saturday night played poker with the guys. Didn’t play the best. Just not the best cards, or the cards just didn’t play. I’m guessing I took 14th. Should have sat on my cards, and got into the top 10.

Last night me and Jim took the yearly Wendover birthday trip. Did really good at one blackjack table, sat down with 25, and walked away with 125. But doesn’t make up for the other money I lost. Lost more than I wanted too. Oh well, it was fun. I’m guessing I won’t be going to Wendover anytime soon.

Birthday Weekend

Posted in Blog via Cell Phone on February 4th, 2019 by James

Mellow weekend for sure. Played some racquetball Saturday morning with Jim. That was a good time, and did some errands. Got home, cleaned a bit, and watch some of the US Mens soccer game. Stephanie ended up working overtime, so I didn’t see much of her on Saturday.

Sunday, was a mellow day. Had the fam over for lunch, and I had a good time. Did some shopping during the Super Bowl. It’s the best time to go shopping, it’s a ghost town with everyone watching the game. We watched maybe half of the game, watched some TV, and went to bed. Uneventful weekend for sure.

Next Saturday got the monthly poker game, which I always look forward to.

Stephanie applied for a promotion about a week ago. She interviewed last Thursday for it, and the job was offered to her last Friday. Few bucks more a hour which is always. I’m happy for her, it’s badass that she got a promotion at work.


Posted in Family, Friends, General on February 1st, 2019 by James

Wow, I’m starting to slack off on this. Last weekend wasn’t anything too exciting. Stephanie got suckered into working last weekend as overtime, along with tomorrow. Sucks cause she had to work OT last year on my birthday too. Played some poker this past Saturday night, that was alright. Took 8th out of about 18 players. Should have played better. Just dealt some bad cards. The good cards, just weren’t good enough.

Last Sunday, me and Stephanie did manage to replace the kitchen facet. Stephanie wanted an upgrade, and the last one was leaking pretty good.

This past Tuesday, I did manage to get the day off, and went shooting with Aaron. That was a blast. Went out on the South-West side of Utah Lake. I won’t go into deals, but did have lots of fun, and wanna buy an AR-15 now. So much fun. Aaron did shoot a 20lb frozen ham with a 30-06 (I think that was the round, or some short of big rifle round). It was awesome seeing that ham explode like that. Found ham 15-20 feet away, and a piece went flying about 15-20 feet in the air. We both got a good laugh out of that.