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Posted in Fishing on July 30th, 2019 by James

hmmmmm, gotta think about the past few weeks. Went fishing a few weeks ago with Stephanie, Misty, and Dom. That was fun. Only got a few kokes, lots of cutt. Something like 10 fish in the boat over a few hours. Went up to Strawberry, and had a good time.

Me and Stephanie went out to Wendover on the 23rd. She didn’t have work on the 24th, so I decided to take the day off. We did alright. I signed up for a poker game, and did okay. Took 9th out of about 50 players. Those few hours that I played, Stephanie sat at the same Blackjack table with 20 bucks and broke. Not bad imo.

Speaking of poker, played this past Saturday. Did alright, till I lost my straight to quad 10’s. Lost a lot of money there. He totally slow played it. Took 9th out of about 12-13 players. Not the best, bet that hand kinda shut me down.

This past Friday, we lost power again from about 6:30pm till almost midnight. That was a bit frustrating, and reminds me that I need to call Rocky Mountain.

Did some yard work last night. Trimmed the hell out of the horrible rose bushes. No fun plans this upcoming weekend. Hope to do some fishing, maybe some cards. But far from anything too exciting. Stephanie is working Saturday 🙁 got a birthday party for Nina Saturday evening too.


Posted in General on July 11th, 2019 by James

July 4th weekend was alright. Went to Miah’s for a few beers with Ben, and Stephanie. Played some cards last Saturday, did alright. Went out on a stupid hand that I shouldn’t have been in. Last night I went over to Russ’s, and did some poker training. Which was some good information that I plan on applying in the future. It was very insightful.

Managed to finally get the rear/front diff, and transfer case drained and refilled in the truck. Wasn’t too bad, took a few hours, but I took my time. Started to rain half way through it, which slowed me down a bit too.

No plans this weekend, Stephanie works Saturday during the day. Poker game Saturday night. Was wanting to do some fishing this weekend, but i’m call. Didn’t dare go over July 4th weekends. Holiday weekends are crazy on the lakes. Not thrilled about the summer weather. Rumor is that today is suppose to be the hottest day of the year. Hitting 100 degrees. Ugggg, really hate this summer heat. It’s that one month out of the year that I really hate. Usually it starts to cool back off in mid Aug. But even then, it’s still hot as balls.

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Posted in Fishing, Work on July 1st, 2019 by James

Been meaning to drop another update in here. Saturday before Fathers Day, we took the boat on up to Strawberry, and picked up Chris on the way. Had a great day of fishing up there. Caught about 4 decent size kokes, along with a handful of trout. I’m guessing we caught about 10 fish within a few hours of fishing. Good times, but wow it was busy up there.

Weekend before last, we took Gabe on up to Willard Bay. Weather was great. Windy to keep the bugs away. Caught a Walleye, and two Wipers. We all had a great time.

This past Sunday since I was on-call we mostly stayed home. I managed to get the oil changed in the rear/front diff, and the transfer case. Been meaning to do that for the past….year or so. But it’s finally done, and don’t have to deal with it for a few years.

One of the co-workers last day was last week. So it’s back down to me and one other guy. Not too thrilled to spend most of the summer being on call every other week. Already cutting into my plans. Blah!

Played poker the past two weekends. UGGGGGGG! Just not good cards, or playing my A game. Blah