Great Time at The Burts Last Night!

Great Time at The Burts Last Night!

Yesterday after work we decided to go to Burts to see a few punk bands play. Megan, and Matt meet up with us. Had a great time at the bar. Spent more money than I was wanting too, but it’s all good. Don’t get out very often, so it’s all good.

I’ve really missed playing racket ball with Jim. I think were play on playing on Tuesday. We’ll see what happens. Don’t get home till so late from work, so who knows. Haven’t had much time for anything these days.

Glad got hired on at Verio, and should be starting in the next few weeks. Kids only have about 2 weeks of school left. I think the plan for this summer is that they are going up to Evanston for the summer. So time will tell.

For a bright note, I think I’m going to have Saturday and Monday off from work. I hope to get some fishing done. I took Saturday off cause Val W. from high school is going to be in town for the weekend. Monday is Memorial Day.

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