Common Sense…….

This lady doesn’t have it. Some people……Really if Google Maps told you to jump off a building, would you jump?

ugggg some people

PARK CITY — A Los Angeles woman is suing a Salt Lake County man and Google for hundreds of thousands of dollars after she was hit by a car while walking along a rural highway in Park City. Tuesday, her attorney spoke out defending the lawsuit.

Lauren Rosenberg’s attorney, Allen Young, says Rosenberg was visiting Park City last January and was unfamiliar with the area. She pulled up Google Maps on her blackberry to get walking directions from Daly Street to a location on Prospector Avenue.

The Google directions led Rosenberg out onto Deer Valley Drive, which is State Route 224. Young says the rural highway wasn’t safe for pedestrians and didn’t have sidewalks.

“She understood there was a sidewalk across the street. Google Maps instructed her there; they created a trap for her,” Young says.

Rosenberg was hit by a car while walking along the highway. Young says the driver of the car, caused Rosenberg to suffer severe emotional, physical and mental injuries.

The attorney says Google advertises safe directions and failed to warn Rosenberg of the dangers of the route.

“We think they need to use more reasonable care when they are walking people into a dangerous area. A warning would have been helpful,” Young says.

The lawsuit seeks more than $100,000 in damages to cover medical expenses.

A Google spokesperson disputes Young’s claims that Google Maps provides no warning that walking routes may be missing sidewalks.

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