Camping = Epic

Camping = Epic

Camping was a great, along with the weekend. I had Thursday and Friday off from work. Relaxed Thursday morning and took my time getting ready. Was out the door at around 11pm, headed on over Jim’s place. Get there, went to Walmart, Arbys, and loaded everything up in the truck. We then started our way on up to Causey Res. We had to take 2 cars since everyone wouldn’t fit in Jim’s truck.

We left SLC later than planned, and we got up to Causey at around 4pm if I remember right. Moved the boat on down to the water, and loaded all the gear up on it. Needless to say, it was a tight fit. Between Jim, me, Jen, Misty (Jim’s Dog), and all of the gear. We had no room, and it was a very tight fit. We finally found the perfect spot. Unloaded all of the gear and setup camp. Keep in mind that unloading the boat was fun. Mud up to our calf’s. We had to take our shoes and socks off which was great. Except for the sharp rocks at the bottom of the mud.

After we set up camp, and went hunting for wood. We did some fishing. I had a good amount of bites, but couldn’t hook into anything. It was pretty disappointing. Dinner was good, we had some hobo dinners which were tasty. Then it was time to consume the booze. Needless to say, it was great seeing Jim drunk, vomit, and pass out. hahahahaha.

Nothing too exciting in the morning, just basically broke down camp. Took the long boat ride in. The boat ride back in was long due to lack of battery life, and the sun beating down on us.

Friday night me and Glad had a nice relaxing evening. Saturday during the day was just work. Saturday evening was the bbq/party with everyone. Saturday evening we had Martin, Jessica, Jim, Jen, Ben, and Mindy showed up later on. We bbq up some chicken, and pork chops. Jessica brought over some mashed potatoes. The food was really tasty. Some of us (Mindy) got really trashed, and she ended up staying at Jessica’s place. I didn’t hit the bed till 2:30, and I sleep like crap. The 4 hours of sleep is really catching up to me now.

Anyway, I plan on posting pictures from the camping trip, and the BBQ last night when I get a chance.

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