Crazy Ass Week….

Crazy Ass Week....

Hmmmmmmm……Yes, it has been a crazy week. About a week ago I broke to the news to Glad that I was done with trying to make things work. It was odd, we were clicking, and everything was going good. Went to Ikea to buy a dresser for the kids and what not. The way back from Ikea I told Glad that I wasn’t happy, and was giving up on things. It was an odd day for sure. Week later, I’m much happier. We still see each other, and hang out. Just giving each other space, and taking a step back from things. We agreed to do the whole separation thing for a bit and see how things work out.

Week ago, I was so stressed and ready to kill. Between work, stresses from Glad, and the kids. I was not happy, and having a very hard day. Took Saturday off from work, and just had an amazing day with Ben, and one of his friends. Saturday was so much needed. It gave me a change to get my head on straight, and relax for a bit.

I found out yesterday that my Secret Security Clearance with the government was approved. Just a relief!!!!

Working just a half day to take James to an doctor appointments up at the U. So I better get out of here.

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