Memories, Hooks, and Guns!

Memories, Hooks, and Guns!

Let’s see, a lot of has happened over the past week. Last Friday I went to Club Vegas with a friend to see Corvid play a show. Had a good fun time. To my surprise my parents both went to Club Vegas to Corvid/Ben play. It was a lot of fun. Didn’t make it to bed till around 2am if I remember right. No biggie, but had to be up at 5:30am to get some fishing done.

So I got up at 5am or so to meet up with Jim to get some fishing done. We decided to go up and hit Strawberry. It was a great trip, just wish the fishing was better. I managed to catch a 14″ rainbow after a few hours of nothing. We ended up a getting a few bites. Called it quits at around 10:30-11:00. I wanted to be back into SLC at around noon. I managed to get home at 12:30. At 2pm I meet the Crums for lunch at Rodizio Grill up in SLC. We all enjoyed the food, and it was a great time. I was beyond the point of tired, and not even thinking right. Some time over the weekend, I also managed to buy a Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun. I got a pretty good price on it, $177.00 from evil Walmart.

After that huge lunch, I managed to take a nap, and got ready to hang out with Ben and Mandi. We decided to hit up Bombay House for dinner. It was yummy food. But I’m thinking that price is really overrated. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it. Just don’t see what there is a rave about it is. Hung out for a bit more, and just had a really good time. Saturday was a great day. Actually no, the whole weekend was good. I was a bit grumpy Saturday evening, but I think it was due to lack of sleep.

Sunday morning, Comcast came by to hook up cable TV to the place. I already have internet with Comcast. They called me a few weeks ago, and sold me a cheap plan. Only 10 bucks a month, including HBO for a year. Best of all, it will drop my internet price by 15 bucks. So my Comcast bill should remain the same price. Internet speed is remaining the same.

This past Monday night was Endless Struggle, and The Business. Monday after work, when I got home I ran to ran to Best Buy, and brought myself a camera. Did a lot of research, and decided on the Nikon P100. So far, I’m impressed with it. It’s not mind blowing, and I’m still getting used to it. Anyway, back to Monday night, Glad came over, along with Megan. Glad sorta invited herself a long to the show. I had mix feelings regarding this. Either way, it was a fun night, and everything was fine. I drank a lot, and didn’t get to bed till really late. Something like 5 or 6am.

I took Tuesday off from work for that reason. I knew I would be drunk, hungover, and that it would be a late night. I then meet up with the lady friend at around 11am. We went on out to Lone Rock down Skull Valley Rd just south of I-80. Popped off 50 rounds out of the 9mm, and about 55 rounds out of the new shotgun. I had fun with the shotgun, I’m impressed with the gun so far. The gun had a few issues, but I’m guessing it has to do with it just needing to be broken in.

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