Memorial Day Weekend

Well let’s see here. Kinda late on posting this of what I did. I hate waiting so long to post things, I miss details. Got a feeling this is gonna be a long ol post.

Thursday-Woke up early around 5:45am to go fishing with Barry. I took Jayden with me. He had no school, and figuered, why not. Forgetting my camera, and getting a parking ticket due to where I parked. I had a good time. It was pretty boring, and Jayden got pretty bored also. We finally got into some small perch which Jayden caught around 6-8 fish. That was the highlight of fishing. And that was a good time when Jayden was catching those perch. He was pretty excited, including myself. He outfished everyone on the boat. Granted the others, me, Barry, and Moose. Were fishing for some smallmouth bass. I somehow managed to destroy my back. I was bending over/on my knees a bit help Jayden catch those perch. When I stood back up, I ended dropping to my knees in pain. My lower back was killing me.

Friday-I should have went down to Springville for a wedding. Along with my broken seatbelt staring at me in the face. Along with my still horrible back pain. Took two trips to the junkyard. Both times I got the wrong seatbelt. The second time, I pulled a belt out of 94 Geo Prizm. Everything looked the same. Got the seatbelt home, tried the buckle. Turns out the buckle part was about 1/8″ too wide. grrrrrrr, long story about the seatbeat. I ended up taking the passanger side off, and throwing it on the driver side. Not the best solution, but it’ll work for now. As for the wedding, we didn’t go. Few reasons why I didn’t go. The horrible back pain was one of em. Instead, we ended up going out to Wendover. Long story short on Wendover. We came very close to an ugly situation. I ended up taking the last 60 dollars out of our account. The last 20 bucks, I was able to break even. Not including food/gas in Wendover. I was on a damn good roll there for a bit. Unlike the first 10 minutes where I lost all of the money I came out with.

Saturday-Not really much for Saturday. The weather was pretty shitty for both Saturday and Sunday. Cold, windy, rainy, it was just ugly. We didn’t really do much Saturday during the day. Justine and I did cook up a good meal. It was suppose to be chili, which turned out to be more of a soup. But it was good. We took a afternoon nap also, I almost forgot what an afternoon nap feels like. Woke up, ate our yummy food and watched The Ringer with the kids. After that, we took the kids on over the Sister in Law. Me, Justine, Nick and Amanda all went to Ego’s. I had a good time there, music wasn’t bad. I don’t think Justine had fun that evening. After Ego’s we went on back to Nick and Amanda’s. In a drunken state, the girls threw some make up on us. And we threw some onto them. I got Justine to look like some evil clown, Amanada could have been Slipknot, Nick could have been Davey Havoc, and me. I don’t remember. We then all took off to 7-11 for nachos and drinks with our wackey look. It was damn funny, I was just laughing the whole time.

Sunday-Got up, got the kids from the inlaws. We were gonna head on down to Boondocks with the kids. But our kids don’t know how to behave. After James full on punching Jayden in the nose. We turned the car around, and headed back home. Don’t remember much of Sunday. I do remember taking another nap in the afternoon. The sister in law came over, and we watched a few episodes of Big Love. We also watched The Station Agent. That was a decent flick. Kinda odd, and boring, but decent.

Monday-Not really much for Monday. We did go on over to the inlaws and had a bbq. Finished fixing the seatbelt. Yes, I still don’t have a passenager seatbelt. We did take the kids to the Valley Fair Mall to the dollar threater over there. We watched The Benchwarmers. Stupid, but yet silly movie. For 50 cents for each of us to watch it. I think it was worth it.

Nothing really much going on so far this week. Just back to work. Some annnoying calls, but oh well, that’s life. Just gettting back into the groove of things.

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