Ready to Turn the Page…..

Ready to Turn the Page.....

So Glad is coming over tonight to get the last of her things. Kinda sucks that I won’t be there while she is getting her shit. I would put up a big stink about it, but I just want it out and gone. I asked her to move her shit out about 3 months ago. We got in a fight over the phone cause I was moving her shit to the corner, and she got all pissy. I will be so happy when this shit is done and over with. I just wanna move on with my life. Hell, she even had the balls to call Taylorsville PD cause I was touching her shit. Just pure fucking funny. Along with other stupid shit. Now, the things that she agreed to give me three months ago she wants back. Such as the broken washing machine that she got for us when we moved in, my night stand, etc. Just proves that she expects everything to just be given to her. SO FUCKING DONE!!!!!!!!

Thursday night was awesome. Saw Corvid play at Club Edge with my new lady friend. Had a great time. It was great to see everyone there. Friday morning, took the kids to see Green Hornet and had a great time. Movie wasn’t the best, but it was nice to do something with the kids since they were out of school on Friday.

I also tried to play poker Friday night, but that was lame. It was mainly me folding every fucking hand cause I just had shit the whole damn time. Did manage to play racquet ball Saturday and Sunday. That was fun like always.

Did manage a drive up Big Cottonwood, and a few episodes of Dexter with the new lady friend. Besides that, there was a lot of just sitting around and thinking about life. I also started taking Chantix again this past Sunday. I hope to quit smoking around my birthday.

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