Yup, It’s Done

Yup, It's Done

So Glad came by last night to get her things. It went smooth for the most part. She had a few moments and I did also.

Glad: -has things packed up in the corner-
Me: Really your taking Operation that you brought for the kids?!?!?!
Glad: Well yeah, I brought it.
Me: -gets the huge cig ashtray from outside, and puts it with her shit- You brought that also, enjoy!
Glad: Why you being such a dick?
Me: Cause I need to be.

I just happy that she has her stuff, her phone is disconnected, and it feels like all ties are broken now. Time to move on, and get on with my life. Despite all of the bullshit I put with over the past 3 years. I just hope to be happier, learn from this, move on, and enjoy life.

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