Weekend with the Kids…

Weekend with the Kids...

I usually don’t get to spend good time with the kids. Between me working these crazy hours, and Justine having the kids on the weekend. This weekend Justine wanted me to have the kids, and I agreed to it. Friday the kids went to my parents for a sleep over. Me and Angela went on up to Park City to Corvid play a show. She wasn’t feeling good so that kinda sucked. Drinks were expensive at the bar also. So that sucked also.

Saturday, I got the kids from Magna. Spent a good part of the day cleaning the house. Mostly my bedroom, and my bathroom. Between being slow, and taking my time. It took me basically all afternoon.

Sunday morning me and Angela took the kids swimming, and cooked up a nice lunch. It was a nice change, I haven’t been swimming in close to a year. Rest of the day was just a lot of sitting around.

Basically just a pretty kick back lazy weekend, and being productive around the house. Nothing to bitch about. This Friday going to a hockey game with work. Should be a fun time. Don’t have anything else planned for this weekend.

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