Yup, Another Good One….

Yup, Another Good One....

Yup, had another good weekend. Some of the highlights for the weekend.

Friday went to a hockey game with my parents, coworkers from Dugway, and Angela. After the hockey the game, we went on over to Jim’s for some poker. Had a good night, without any major complaints. Was up till about 2:30am with Angela bullshitting and just having a good time.

Saturday racquetball like always, hung out with Angela for a few hours. The evening of Saturday was really lame, and I was feeling really depressed about shit. Ben and Mandi came over for a bit, and got my mind off of shit for a few hours. Watched a movie, and crashed for the night.

Sunday, more racquetball. Hung with Angela for a few hours and just had a nice mellow evening. Overall, a good weekend. I could bitch about a few things, but I’m not gonna waste my energy on such silly things.

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  1. James Says:

    Oh yeah, I should add that I got my starter replaced Friday morning. Took about 3 hours for the whole project. Jacking the car up, cleaning up, running to Auto Zone, etc. The Auto Zone Duralast starter was just a year and a half old. Kinda surprised that it died already. Oh well, lifetime warranty on the part. So whatever. But yeah, the car is running again, it was just the starter.

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