The Birthday Weekend

The Birthday Weekend

Had a pretty good weekend. Friday night, went to Garcia’s with the family for my birthday. That was a lot of fun. After dinner, me and Angela meet up with Jim to play poker. To my surprise out of 9 players, I won. That was an extra 45 bucks in my pocket. The thing that did suck, is that I told Angela we would be done by midnight. Needless to say, we were playing till 1:30am or so. She had an early morning, so I felt bad about that. I was trying very hard to go out of the game early, so we would be gone by midnight.

Saturday morning was racquetball. Jim, Chris, and myself played racquetball for 3 hours. Needless to say, that kicked my ass. Had a blast playing, but it worn me out. It felt good. The rest of my Saturday was pretty low key. Hung out with Angela for a few hours if I remember right.

Sunday morning hung out with Angela. We made an awesome lunch. Made some chicken, and pasta. It was really good and tasty. Watched a few episodes of Dexter. I then went on over to Adam’s house for a super bowl party. It was pretty lame for the most part. But it was something different, so I can’t bitch about that.

Saturday, I quit smoking. Well sorta…..Had 1 cig Saturday. 5 cigs Sunday at the super bowl party. Monday 0 cigs. Today so far, 0 cigs. Plan on keeping it that way. The urges yesterday, along with over the weekend were pretty strong. Today hasn’t been too bad. Just trying to keep myself busy.

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