Yeah, I need to snap out of this. Just feeling really down and stressed today. Actually, not really today, but have been all week. I almost wonder if it’s the smoking thing playing tricks on my head. Past few days, I can’t stop thinking about smoking. Just really strong cravings, and it really sucks!!!!

Me and Justine talked about Jayden going to school up in Evanston. Sounds like that is gonna happen this weekend. Really stressful just thinking about it. I’m sure it will be a good thing once Jayden makes the adjustment to it. Just sucks! It’s a big change for him, along with the rest of us. I’m gonna miss the shit out of him.

I would like to think that things with Angela are going good, but at times I have my doubts. Just a lot of things worry me. But again, I’m sooooo good at double guessing myself at everything. So we’ll see how that goes. I’m trying my best, and i’m ready to be proven wrong.

Not sure what this weekend has in store for me. I hoping for good times!!!!

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