Another Weekend to Bite the Dust….

Another Weekend to Bite the Dust....

Friday was off to a good start. Angela came over for about a hour in the afternoon. We decided to hit up the swimming pool for about an hour. That was nice and different. Tried to take a nap if I remember right, which was impossible. Between people calling, texting, and James’s friend knocking on the door. Cleaned for a bit, then took James on up to Justine’s house for the weekend.

Angela came over around 8:30, we got ready and went to Burts. Had a really good time there. Beer, music, good friends, and Angela. Good fun evening for sure. Woke up with a slight hangover even. Which hasn’t happened for awhile. Both Endless Struggle and Burn Your World put on a great show. Didn’t make it to bed till around 3:30.

Saturday did racquetball with Jim and his dad. Had a good time with that. I then went on up Evanston and had a good time up there. Didn’t make it up there till around 3ish or so. Did leave Evanston till 9 or so. They had there annual chili cook off there, and we went to that. Had a good time there. Good beer, good chili, and just a good time in general. It was nice to hang out, and have a good time. Angela was suppose to come up, but she had some things come up. It’s a shame cause she missed out on a good time. Saturday evening she came for a bit when I got back from Evanston, and we watched an episode of Dexter.

Sunday, was just a lame day. I did hang out with Ben for a few hours. Went to Souper Salad for lunch, went to the mall, and FYE. It was a good time for sure. But….racquetball was lame that morning. Both me and Jim weren’t motivated to move. Angela wasn’t feeling good and didn’t make it over. Could have been worse, and it would have been if it wasn’t for Ben. I think I was in bed by 8:30ish or so.

I did learn this weekend that I just need to be more patience, and try to stop being so damn critical about certain things in life. Just be patience and wait for the pieces to fall into place. If they don’t fall into place, I’ll deal with it at the time. I worry too damn much about stupid shit. I always have……One of those personally flaws that need to change.

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