Long Weekend…

Had a pretty long weekend. I guess it was productive. Worked the part time job on Friday for a bit. Took off early, went to dinner, went over to Joe’s had a few beers, then went on over to the Business show. Brain Failure was good as always. The Business, I wasn’t too impressed. Just everything about it, I wasn’t impressed. Drinking before and after the show was good. Went on over to Jackie’s after the show.

Saturday, we on up to Hill AFB for the air show. We didn’t make it up there till after 2:00pm. By the time we found parking, and walked a good mile plus. It was about 2:45. Hung out there for a good 1 1/2hr or there abouts. I had a good time, I think the kids had a good time. I’m really glad the weather was good. About the best possible day for the past 2-3 weeks. Low 80’s slight breeze. Only drawback, there were a ton of people. I don’t think the sister in law was a fan with walking so much. I enjoyed it, much better then sitting at a desk all day. Legs are still a bit stiff. Afterwards, we stopped and had some mexican food up in Layton.

Friday at work, a co-worker was asking around if anyone wanted a cat. He was trying to get rid of his cat. So Saturday evening we went to go check it out. Kids just love it, Jayden can’t stop playing with it. Kinda a early birthday gift for him. We all really enjoy it. I think Saturday night when we picked it up. Justine wasn’t 100% sure about it. The cat has really grown on all 4 of us. The cat did manage to break something all ready. But that’s no one’s fault but our own. Not sure what apartment management will think if they find out. The cat was meowing it’s head off last night, and scartching at the front door last night. I hope that doesn’t continue, and the cat is just adjusting to the new environment.

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