hump day…

Ah, good ol Wednesday. Dead middle of the week, and this week isn’t going by fast enough. Past two days at work have been brain dead. Monday, as busy as shit. Hell, Sunday was even busy for a Sunday.

Monday, my sister in law went into labor. So I got another niece now. She came into the world weighing something like 7lb 8oz. I must say, she is really cute for a baby. After visiting, we went to JB’s with the kids, and my parents. Food sucked, along with the service. Maybe I’ll post some pictures of Angel later on.

Last night, watch Scooby Doo 2 with the kids. Order some pizza from Pizza Hut.

Applied for a credit card last night on line. I know that I’m approved, but for how much, I don’t know. We plan on using it to throw all of the medical bills on, and get it paid off asap. But I’m a bit scared. Just hope I don’t go crazy with it. Haven’t had a credit card for a few years now. I hate the damn things. Too easy to go crazy with it, and too hard to pay the damn things off.

I’m really excited for Sunday. The whole big family is getting together for a Father’s Day lunch. They moved the time for it from evening to early afternoon so I can make it.

Ah, 30 minutes left till I leave work today.

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