Yup EPIC!!!!

Yup EPIC!!!!

Yup, started this past week on a great note. The way home Thursday evening after work, Verio called me and offered me the job. It put a big ass grin on my face, and was very happy. Angela then came over, and she took me out to Outback Steakhouse for dinner. Just an awesome night in general, along with a great way to start the weekend. I’m very excited to start a week from today as an Unix System Admin for Verio.

Friday during the day I had some running around to do during the day. Far from anything too exciting. Friday late afternoon Angela came over to start our epic weekend. Friday went down to a bar in Lehi to meet up with some of the guys from Verio. The bar SUCKED DONKEY BALLS!!!! Very lame excuse for a bar. The band sucked, the beer sucked, the people sucked, etc. I will have to say, that the pool tables were decent. I enjoyed playing pool with Chris, and Angela. Along with hanging with old coworkers. If I remember right we made it home by midnight or so. Ended up watching some Archer if I remember right. Damn that show is funny. hahahah

Saturday, we had a lazy morning from what I remember. We then went to Brewvies to watch Paul, and some lunch. I had a good time, nothing to complain about. I did buy another spider. Got myself a Rose Hair Tarantula. Such a nice sweet thing. I think it’s full grown, or close to it. I’m guessing it’s a female also. We then decided to head off to Wendover Saturday evening. Left town around 7pm, and got back around 12:30 if I remember right. We didn’t do amazing out in Wendover, we lost our money, but we did have a good time. It was something different. I haven’t been out to Wendover since around Dec. So it was a nice change.

Sunday was just a lazy day around the house. Cleaning, hanging out, bullshitting, putting books on her ebook, etc. Sunday was a nice mellow day after how busy Friday and Saturday was. Had an awesome weekend in general, all thanks to Angela.

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