So I’m sitting here at almost 3am. Having a great weekend so far. Purpose of this you may ask yourself. I’m smoking the last cig of my life. I have the next two days off from, no kids, and Angela is coming over tomorrow to keep me busy. I’m looking forward to being a non smoker. Just hope it last this time around. Such a hard habit to kick, and so easy to start up once you have quit.

I look up towards Angela when looking at some of the habits she has broke over the past few months. If she is able to kick her bad habits, I’m able to quit this nasty habit Kids want me to quit also.

I’ve been taking Chantix for the past 3 weeks. I plan on getting atleast one more month of it.

I was in Evanston today, on my way back I’ve thought about picking up jogging. I work late enough in the day, where I could totally go for a quick jog before work a few times a week. I’ve packed on about 5 lbs over the past few weeks. I need to get back on my diet, and just eat better in general. I would love to loose 30 lbs. I’ve considered getting a bicycle. Wish I lived closer to work where I could bike to work, or atleast walk to work.

Okay, well my last cig of my life is basically done, time to throw the ash trays out, and close this chapter in my life.

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