Wendover, and Then Wendover again….

Wendover, and Then Wendover again....

Another weekend came and went. It was good for the most part, no major complaints. Me, Angela, Ben, and Mandi went to see Xmen First Class Saturday afternoon. After the movie, me and Angela went to Wendover again. We both did good, really good. Won back the money that I lost from the night before in Wendover. Yup, you heard it, we went to Wendover Friday night also. I did have moments of big grumpy at times, so whatever.

Me and Angela went up to Silver Lake at the top of Big Cottonwood. Did the short walk around the lake. That was nice, and something different.

Life for the most part is good, I would change a few things. But there isn’t anything I can do about what bugs me. I’ve done everything that I can do. So whatever. The non smoking thing is going good also. Had a few issues during the weekend, but all is good. Got my Chantix filled again, which is damn expensive. Plan on taking it for another month, so we’ll see what happens.


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