Last night went to Club Vegas, saw my buddies band, along with Flatfoot 56. I don’t remember the band name for the guys from Springville. Good music 77 rock n roll stuff. Ramones/Dead Boys type of stuff. Really good, but need a tighter set. But only expected with 5 shows under their belt. Give em 6 months, and they should be tearing things up. Flatfoot 56, I wasn’t expecting much. But WOW, these guys know how to rock. Skin/OI/Punk stuff. Shit, even bagpipes. Really good shit. Only drawback, I think they are abunch of Jesus lovers. Not a problem at all. But playing Amazing Grace on the bagpipes was a bit much. Heard some good cover songs. Ramones, Dead Boys, Blitz, Cock Sparrer, and Quiet Riot.

Tuesday night, I went into the part time job. Worked till 10pm there. They are a bit short staffed, and I was able to pick up a few extra hours. So I figuered, why not.

Not really anything fun planned for the weekend yet. Just work. Boog is trying to be cool like me, and work 60hrs this week also at work. heheh. Plan on watching a movie with the kiddies tonight, and order pizza.

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