2019! Blows my mind, and make me feel old. A lot has happened since I update on this. One of my goals for 2019 is do more updates on this. Haven’t updated this for almost 5 years!

So lets see what we got…..

I’ve quit smoking for the most part. Very rare that I have a nasty cig. I’ve switched over to vaping, and it’s great.

I traded in the Nissan Xterra for a 2014 Ram 1500. Love it. Lifted/leveled 35″ tires, etc etc etc.

Got me a little fishing boat. 2016 Alumacraft 165 Classic. Down riggers, fish finder, etc. Love it. Try to take it out each Sunday morning when the weather allows it.

Purchased a decent home back in 2015 in Midvale. Not amazing, but love it. Got my own office, garage, quite street, seem to have good neighbors.

Got married back in June to an awesome gal. Got married up Deadwood, SD. Kept it super small. Just me, her, Gabe, and Jayden. It was a great trip. Went up to Deadwood/SD for a few days, got married, went to Yellowstone for a few more days, then back home. Gone for a solid week. It was great to get out of town.

James Dean is 22 year old. Married, moved out, and working at Discovery Card. He graduated SLCC with an Associate Degree.

Jayden is now 18, graduated from East Hollywood High. He’s moved out, and living with friends. He has me a bit worried, we’ll leave this for later.

I’m still working from home for Optum, and love it. Stephanie is working for BioFire up by the U.

So yeah, life is good. 2018 was a great year, and hope that 2019 is just as good.

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