Not a bad weekend by any means, and doing alright with my diet. One of my goals for this year is my diet. Eat better and try to loose some weight. I was 229 Jan 2nd, by the end of the week, down to 224. My goal is loose 50 lbs. No clue if it’ll happen, but anything is better than nothing.

Friday night was alright. Bubblebee for dinner, Stephanie went to bed early since she had work on Saturday 🙁 I ended up watching the new Mission Impossible – Fallout. It was alright, nothing amazing, but a fun flick.

Saturday, I helped Ben move some stuff. Saturday evening played some poker. Expensive game, nice pot, but came in 8th out of about 18 players. Had a good time as always.

Sunday was a lazy day. Went to Home Depot to look at a few things, watching some tv. We did finish up The Looming Tower. Really enjoyed that series, but happy that we’re done with it.

That’s about it for the weekend. Not a bad weekend, mellow, and relaxing.

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