Snowy Extended Weekend

Not a bad weekend with lots of driving, and lots of snow. Since I had Monday off from work, I decided to take Friday off, and give myself a nice four day weekend.

Thursday after work, we ran Gabe down to Helper, UT. Roads down here weren’t too bad, just lots of rain. Up US-6 we ran into some snow, but wasn’t too bad. The way back was another story. Snow packed roads all the way down the canyon till we got to Springville, then it was rain again. I think we average speed was about 20-30mph down the whole canyon on snow pack roads. Needless to say, it was a long drive. Left at about 3:15pm, and didn’t get back till about 8:30pm. It’s about 200 miles round trip.

Friday was a lazy day. Wasn’t feeling good, but did manage to go to lunch with Jim and Doug. Got a salad to stick with the diet. Nothing too exciting Friday evening, just stayed in, and watched tv.

Saturday morning we watched Escape Room with Ben and his GF. It was alright, fun movie, ending was a bit dumb. Not sure what else we did Saturday, I think we just did some silly running around

Sunday morning, we went to go see Vice. Really enjoyed the movie. Some great acting, story was good. I feel that the movie could have been better, but wasn’t bad by any means. We then went over to Stephanies parents for a birthday party for Christy. That was alright, stuck with our diet, and avoided the cake/ice cream. We then ran out to Wendover. Did pretty good at blackjack table, and a roulette table. If it wasn’t for a few slot machines, and one shitty roulette table, I would have done really good. But……I still came back 100 bucks ahead, even after the price of gas.

Monday, is when the snow storm really hit the valley. Got about 4-6″ here at the house. Went to Winco to grab a few things, ran the snow blower, then hit the road back to Helper to pick up Gabe. We figured with the truck, and the snow storm, we would go pick him up. Roads were far from amazing. Worse part was the mouth of the canyon. Snow pack roads, and the wind was kicking up snow. Killed any sort of visibility we had. Scared the shit out of Stephanie. She was sure we were going over the cliff. Granted that was just for a few miles. We left around 11:30am, and got back around 3:45pm. Stephanie made a nice dinner, watched some TV, and went to bed super early.

Not a bad weekend by any means. I did jump on the scale this morning. Down about 6-7 pounds compared to 3 weeks ago on January 1st.

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