Birthday Weekend

Mellow weekend for sure. Played some racquetball Saturday morning with Jim. That was a good time, and did some errands. Got home, cleaned a bit, and watch some of the US Mens soccer game. Stephanie ended up working overtime, so I didn’t see much of her on Saturday.

Sunday, was a mellow day. Had the fam over for lunch, and I had a good time. Did some shopping during the Super Bowl. It’s the best time to go shopping, it’s a ghost town with everyone watching the game. We watched maybe half of the game, watched some TV, and went to bed. Uneventful weekend for sure.

Next Saturday got the monthly poker game, which I always look forward to.

Stephanie applied for a promotion about a week ago. She interviewed last Thursday for it, and the job was offered to her last Friday. Few bucks more a hour which is always. I’m happy for her, it’s badass that she got a promotion at work.

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