Poker Weekend

This past weekend wasn’t anything too exciting. Did have a nice three day weekend off with Stephanie. Ran Gabe down to Helper, UT through a snow storm Thursday evening as he had an extended weekend off from school.

Only thing that stands out from the weekend is lunch with Stephanie and Ben on Saturday. Poker Saturday evening. First few hours of that was ugly. But my cards started to hit in the third hour. Came home with a good amount of money of pocket. Putting that towards debt/vacation this summer. Didn’t get home till about 12:30am, in bed at 2am, then Stephanie woke me at 7am for the gym. UGGGGGG, but it was good. I’m happy that I went.

Got our taxes done yesterday. Super expensive, and pointless. We’re getting money back, so I’m not complaining about that. Just more bummed about how much we paid to have them done. I mentioned to Stephanie that it’s something we can easier do at home. Our taxes are far from anything too crazy.

This upcoming weekend nothing too exciting. Maybe poker Saturday night, I think Stephanie wants me home, plus I’m on-call for work. Stephanie is working Saturday which sucks. Maybe the gym on Sunday. But besides that, no plans.

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