Slacking off on this. Meant to do a update, but just too busy with life. Well, that’s the excuse i’m going with anyway.

The basement…..Got that basically finished. Few little things we need to finish up with, but for the most part it’s done. Looks awesome, and i’m excited to have my basement back. Really enjoyed the fact of everyone that stepped up, and helped with the basement. Couldn’t have gotten it done without help from Matt, Jim, Stephanie, and Ben.

Got the boat basically ready for the season. Past few weeks I repacked the wheel bearings, changed out the fuel/water filter, hooked the battery up backwards. grrrrr, that fried a cable, and had to fix that. That was super frustrating. 15 seconds of the cables backwards, smoke, 10 hours to find the cable, make sure nothing else was fried, splice in a new cable. It’s fixed now, but time consuming, a weekend that I could have been fishing. Me and Stephanie did make it up to Willard Bay last Saturday, didn’t catch anything, but was nice to get out. Did loose a buddy bearing at some point, so I need to look at the wheel bearings again. grrrrr…. I wanna replace the other two fuel filters, and the water impellers. I’ve never done a water impeller before, so that should be interesting, fun, frustrating, and rewarding.

As for more exciting news. I’ve been going to the dentist for the past month. Finally went in for surgery last week. Decided to go with an all on four on the top. Pulled the last 7 teeth I had on the top, 4 implants, and a temp denture attached to the top. It’s painful, it sucks, lots of money. Basically over the next 6 months while everything heals, I gotta be careful. After 6 months, I’ll get the permanent denture attached. Next year, I’ll deal with the bottom. Won’t be as in-depth, but will be a pain, and a few visits. ugggggg. But it was a goal I had for this year, Stephanie has an some awesome dental insurance, so I decided to make the best of it.

I’m looking forward to our vacation in June. It’ll be lots of driving, but should be lots of fun. Reno, Tahoe, Yosemite, Sacramento to see Swingin Utters, San Jose for the Winchester Manson, Cannon Beach/Portland, Boise, and then finally home. Should be lots of fun, but lots of driving, and it’ll be expensive, but we have a good bit of money saved up for that.

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