Slacking Once Again

Wow, i’m slacking again with this. Not really much to say. Just been doing yard work, waiting for my mouth to heal up, trying to go fishing, and that’s about it.

Did have Ben, Shan, mom, and dad over for a bbq Sunday. That was alright, nothing too amazing, but good times. Jayden came over in the afternoon/evening for a few hours.

Me and Stephanie went fishing up at Willard Bay the afternoon of Mothers Day. Caught our first fish of the season, decent size catfish, and caught a tiny little Walleye. Both of em really tasty, and made for a nice dinner.

Got a four day weekend coming up due to Memorial Day. Nothing really much planned. Just work on the truck, maybe the boat, and going to the soccer game. Work for 2 1/2 days, then start our vacation. Excited for the vacation, but not excited for the cost.

Have been going back to the gym. Been going 2 days a week, and trying to make it three times a week. Awesome thing is. Both me and Stephanie have lost 20 lbs since the beginning of the year.

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