Vacation – Anniversary

Wow, had a great time on our trip this summer. Gone from home for a total of 10 days. Don’t think I’ve ever been away from home for so long. Had a great time, and no regrets.

Worked a short day on Thrusday May30th, grabbed the rental car, then started to head out to Reno for the night. Not much to really mention here, besides that the fact that Reno is far from amazing. Thought the place was a dump, and rude people. Just wasn’t impressed.

Friday, we started on our way to Oakhurst, CA. Took a different way cutting through South Tahoe for lunch. Cute little town, and we enjoyed it. But wow, it was a long beautiful drive through the mountains, little towns, etc. Drive was long mostly due to the speed limit, curves in the road, etc. Got an odd feeling that Apple Maps screwed us a few times. It was a long day with lots of driving.

Saturday, we hit Yosemite. Loved it. Lots of people, but took a nice little hike that kicked our ass. I’m guessing it was about 8 miles. But great views of the mountains, wild life, etc. Love Yosemite. But……enjoyed Yellowstone better when comparing the two.

Sunday took us up to Sacramento. The day was uneventful, just a drive, check into the hotel, chilled, dinner at Holiday Inn. In the evening, we saw Swingin Utters. Great show, great band, in a tiny little bar. Me and Stephanie were front and center. Had a great time.

Monday was a long freaking day. Drove from Sacramento to San Jose to check out the Winchester Manson. Drive was alright, about 2 1/2 hours, but traffic. Ugggggg. Winchester I thought was over rated. Just an old broken down house. It was cool, no regrets, cool house, but overrated. We then took the drive from San Jose, on up to Crescent City, CA. Great drive but Crescent City is far from amazing. The drive included the Golden Gate Bridge, through the Redwoods, along the ocean, cool little gift near the redwoods, and some good podcasts on the radio. Crescent City, blah, nothing amazing by any means, and the hotel where we stayed was far from amazing.

Tuesday, we took the drive from Crescent City on up to Seaside, OR. Great little drive. Seaside is a great little town. Our lodging there was awesome. Right on the beach. Expensive, but everything we were looking for.

Wednesday we went on up to Astoria, OR which was about 20 miles down the road from Seaside. Love it up there, toured a few museum including the jail that was in the Goonies movie. Had lunch right on the dock looking over the Columbia River, walked down the main street. Had a great time.

Thursday we talked about going into the Portland. But we decided to stay in Seaside. Just lots of relaxing, walking down the beach, etc etc etc. If I ever won the powerball/came across lots of money, etc. You can find me in the northwest. Love it up there.

Friday, we made on way on down to Boise, ID to catch the Bash Fest. Friday wasn’t anything too exciting, dinner, quick drive through town, and waited for Ben and Shan to make it up.

Saturday was a great day. It was our one year anniversary. The four of us went to the old state prison, which was just awesome. Loved it. We pre-gamed before the show, called the Uber, and made it on over to the Bash Fest. Had a great time. Meet some great people from Boise, good music, and good drink.

Sunday drove on home. It was a great trip, with no regrets. Had a great time, made some great memories, and no regrets. It was a great time.

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