Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend wasn’t too bad. Not 100% perfect, but had a good weekend. Stephanie has been working a lot of overtime over the past few months. The company was nice enough to give her Friday off (paid) so she had a four day weekend. So I went ahead and took Friday off too, giving us both a four day weekend.

Thursday night we went Wendover for the night. I played some poker, and took 1st place. Won a total of 625 dollars. Not too many players, about 17 players. Played a solid game, and luck was on my side.

I don’t remember too much of Friday, but do remember it being a low key day.

Saturday, we saw Peanut Butter Falcon with James and Emma. We really enjoyed the movie, and had a great time. Saturday, I also helped Jayden get his car registered, and played poker Saturday night with the guys. Didn’t play the best game. But it was alright.

Sunday, me and Stephanie went fishing up at Willard Bay. Fishing was alright. Stephanie did manage to bring in a huge fat wiper. It was over 21″ long, and over 5lbs. Biggest fish of the year. Besides that, fishing was slow and uneventful. Sunday night we had Erica and Felix over for dinner. Stephanie cooked up the fish, and it was hella good. Had a good time.

Monday, we went to Oktoberfest with her family and that was alright. I honestly don’t see what’s so great about Oktoberfest. Afterwards, we went on over to Matts for a BBQ with Aaron. Good times there.

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