Long One

Wow, really slacked off this week on updating my lame ol blog.

Well, I didn’t meet up with 1984 (Ted) Tuesday night, pretty nice guy. The internet is amazing, bring people together from thousands miles away. I meet him at the BYU stadium, in Provo. We then went to AGB (bar) in Provo. Drank a few beers and played pool. Jason and Ryan from Springville came on up for a bit. After a few hours, I took Ted back to BYU. He wanted me to come in and meet his sister and roommates. We walk inside, and holy smokes. Yeah total mormons. Piano in the corner, pictures of good lord, and best of all. Home teachers were over. hahahah…. They left a few minutes after us showing up, (I think we scared em away). Then we talked about religious, mormons, cults, suicide bombers, etc for a good hour. I then left at around 11pm back for home.

Friday, I was should have went into work at part time job. I was sooo tempted to call in sick. About an hour and half before I was suppose to show up for work. Jim called me on offered to go see Koko Taylor are the Red Butte Gardens. And mentions we could bring in any drinks that we want. So I figured, hell why not. Sounds much better then work. Get drunk, listen to blues, so I called in sick. Needless to say, I didn’t have that much fun. The first band from Ogden was alright. Then the sister wives played. Wow….NOT IMPRESSED ONE BIT!!!! Then good ol Koko Taylor-note she is almost 80 years old. By the time Koko hit the stage, I was well ready for home. Not enough beer, and too much jazz. Oh well…… Not the worse place to be, i.e. JAIL!!! hahahah……I really wouldn’t have minded being at work. btw, Koko has an amazing voice for her age.

Saturday, I went into work. Got Cellmail up and running. Which is kinda cool, mainly just set it up to see it in action. Basically emails I get, makes my phone beep. Kids went on up to Ogden for the dinosauce park. Desi had a birthday party up there. Last night, one of Justine’s friend (amanduh) mother had a heart attack, and she passed away. So Justine went on over there for a few hours last night. I really excited to get off work, have a nice dinner, and watch Munich. Oh well, shit happens.

Today, nothing much, working, and did some cleaning this morning. We hope to have the maintance guys come over and fix our damn AC tomorrow. It’s been sooo hot the past few days (100+). The AC would kick on for about 3 seconds, then off for about 5-10 seconds. And those 5-10 seconds while it’s off, the AC keeps trying to kick on. Just really sucks, since we gotta the ditch cat somewhere. Along with the fact that Justine has two doctor appointments also. On my way into work, my radar detector saved my ass. Came up over the point of the mountain. I was going at around 80mph, hit the brakes, switched lanes. Then I saw him.

Talked with my brother a few times over the past few days. Which was nice, I really miss him. I just wish he move to the states. Oh well…..

Anyway, I need to get back to work.

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