Let’s see here, how shitty was 2005. Had a stroke back in Oct. Sold my house cause I couldn’t afford it due to my shitty job, and not having a raise for a good 6 years. Live in a shitty apartment. Didn’t do much fishing. Hell, only went twice and that was back in Oct.

The good things, I got out of 2005. I got a new job with Verio. Granted I’m still at Alorica part time. My house was only on the market for about 10 days. I did manage see some good shows in the past year. Exploited, Adicts, Blitz (not the greatest), Endless Struggle union show, Street Dogs, Street Brats (far from the greatest), The Unseen, Broken Bones, Uk Subs, Lower Class Brats, and I’m sure I’m missing a few. I did get a chance to see my brother for about a month, and that was alot of fun.

In 2006 I hope to be able to quick smoking, keep my job (both of them), and pay off some bills, (Hell all of them), go on a vacation, good luck, health and safety to my family. I’ll be really happy to get bills paid off, and treat myself to a vacation afterwards.

It blows my mind, that I’m turning 28 in less then a month. And my kids will be turning 6 and 10 this year. How time flies by.

Have I mentioned that I have no social life at all.

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