This morning, me and Jim went fishing. Went on up to Strawberry, far from anything exciting. Had a few bites, and that was about it. Had around 4 hrs of sleep got up a bit after 5am. Got to Jim’s place at 6. On the way by 8. Had a really good time, just wish we caught something.

Nothing exciting at the part time job. Managed to watch a bit of movies. Including the dollar threater to watch The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Yeah far from anything exciting there. It was what I was expecting. Brainless numbing entertainment. But I don’t think it was even that.

John Q Good flick, enjoyed this one.

Final Destination 3 Lame, but only expected. Had some good blood and gore.

The Weather Man Enjoyed this one. Not an ending that I expected. Had some good chessy laughs.

I Am Sam Good flick.

Nothing too eventful this upcoming week. May go fishing again in a week. We’ll see.

2 Responses to “Movies/Fishing”

  1. JASON DAVID Says:

    RE final destination 3 – ive taken apart a human body before. they are nowhere near as fragile as they seem in this movie. Final destination 1 was maybe OK. 2 no way. in Final destination 3 it seemed like people were just fragile bags of blood walking around waiting to pop. – hey I like B movies but thats too far from reality for me to stomach even in the theater. They otta make these movie producers take an anatomy class sometime.

    🙂 Jason

  2. James Says:

    yeah, but it makes for good entertainment, and saying, ‘WOAH!!’.

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