Black Port

What a week it has been. Work has been busy, it has been busy for a while now. Granted call after call just gets old after awhile. Last night, my dad watched the kids. Me and Justine went out to Club Vegas. Had alot of fun there. Saw Hellbound Saints, Tragic Black, and Carphax Files play. Tragic Black I thought put on a great show, along with Carphax Files. Justine brought a friend and his sister. Ran into Bob and Joe which was cool. We all went to Village Inn afterwards. hahahah, Saw Phil from work there also which I thought was cool. Along with some other dude that I work with at Alorica years ago. Rancid played Thursday and Friday in SLC. Wish I made it to see Rancid, but oh well. Seen em play 2 or 3 times in the past. Oh well…..

I was wanting to put a new radio head unit in Justine’s car. Till I found out that it would be a total pain in the ass. Decided to screw that idea. And just deal with burning abunch of CD’s before the trip up to Portland. My dad offered to let me borrow his ipod/FM Transmitter. Which I think we plan on doing. I quality of the sound over the FM Transmitter is far from the greatest. So I’m not excited about that.

Also this week, I took back that Linksys WRT54G router back to CompUSA. They have a Fry’s up in Portland, and have the router that I’m wanting. WRT54GL. The orginally WRT54G before they decided to fuck with hardware/firmware on it. I can’t find the WRT54GL locally.

I’m really really excited to get out town for 4 days. Have 4 days off from work. It’s a much needed vacation from life. Not like it’s some super great trip. But I’m excited, and I guess that’s what matters. We might go on over to my parents tomorrow for lunch which should be fun. I plan on taking abunch of pictures and posting them here after/during the trip.

I saw the pictures that my mom took while she was London. Such great pictures, looks like she had a grand ol time. Really made me jealious. Speaking of, I should call my brother tomorrow.

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