Day 1-Portland-Wednesday

It’s gonna take a bit to update all of the fun that were having. Here is the first leg of the trip.

Wednesday I was able to get off from work. Which was very much needed. Cleaned the car really good, packed our stuff, got the kids off to school, and gave my self a heart attack thinking I lost my drivers license. DL turned up the in the dryer.

Got the kids from school at around 2:00. Finished up packing and left at around 2:30. Stopped at Cafe Rio for a quick bite (damn Cafe Rio is good). From there went to my parents house to drop the cat off. My brother Jacob was there along with his wife and Angel. It was nice seeing them again. I don’t see Jacob’s family as much as I should.

As we were there, we got word that the father in law was in town (him being a truck driver and all). So we dropped the kids off with him. Save us a trip on up to Evanston, WY. We also had to rush as fast as possible to a clinic to do a random drug screening. After that we made it back to his work and ready to go at around 5:30. Topped the car up with gas and we were on the road for Boise.

Oh one more snag. TRAFFIC!!!!! Oh how I hate traffic in Davis County. It was HORRIBLE!! Delayed us by about an hour. If I remember right, took us about an hour to go about 20 miles to get out of it. After that it was all good. And pretty much fast smooth sailing of about 90-100mph on up to Boise.

Got to Boise. Don’t know if it was just me or what. But the freeway system up there seemed messed up. Took us about an hour to get from the freeway to our Motel 6 room. Around the block a few times, on/off the freeway atleast 3 times. Trying to find a cheap motel, just to find out they didn’t have any space, gas, food, beer, scatch cards. We did manage to get a 6 $1 scatch cards, Justine was really excited about. She got more excited that the 6 dollars turned into 56 dollars.

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