Day 2-Portland-Thursday

WoW finally updating this slowly about our trip last week.

We checked out of the Motel 6 at around 10am Thursday morning. We hit Chevron to turn in our scatch card winnings from the night before, along with some breakfast/soda.

The drive up to Portland was a nice one. It was a tad bit boring nothing special the first half from Boise to Portland. Half way between Boise and Portland there was a small casino on a indian res. I believe it was called Wild Horse. Me and Justine stopped there for a bit. It was a good break. We sat down at the backjack table with 40$. Walked away about 10 minutes later with $80 bucks. The casino itself was nothing special. Got food, gas, soda. Then back on the road we went. We also remembered after leaving the Motel 6 that we gainned an hour at around the OR/ID border. Which was one reason why we wasted some time there at the casino. Our friend didn’t get off work till 4:30pm. The drive into Portland was just awesome. With the Columbia River on one side of the side, along with mountains and trees on the other. Along with a water fall on the way. Mt. Hood in the distance along with a few power dam’s in the river. There was also some farm of abunch of fruit trees for a few miles. Which were entertaining also. The only drawback…..The max speed limit in OR is 65mph. But that didn’t stop me from going between 75-85 mph. We left the Motel 6 at around 10am MST got to Portland at 4pm PST. So it took us around 7 hrs. We got to our friends house a tad after 4pm. Hung out for a few hours, brought on our stuff. Then me, Justine, and Val hit the road for Spirit Mountain.

We hit the ATM and Carl’s Jr. as we were leaving town. Me and Just were staving. On my way of pulling into Carl’s Jr, I had the joys of scaring the shit out of some dude on a bicycle. Lots of bike riders there in Portland. Took us forever to get to Spirit Mountain (casino), or it seemed like it. A good solid hour and a half. We took the long way there. Needless to say, short way home took us around an hour. Mapquest is more wrong then right. Which was true in this case.

We finally get the casino after the crazy drive thur small towns and dark roads. It’s nicer then the one between Boise and Portland. We sit down at some slot machines, and a guy asked us what we wanted to drink. Justine mentions that she wants a beer. The response back we got was shocking. ‘uh we don’t serve alcohol here?’


Oh well, it’s better that way.

Slots machines did me horrible. The blackjack table did me horrible. Mostly it was all $10 tables with a 7+ deck shoe. The only thing that treated me good was the free flowing amounts of soda which you could help yourself to. I did manage to find a $5 blackjack table towards the end of the night. Played for a bit without loosing my ass which was just amazing compared to the rest of the night. Played on my last 40 bucks for a bit, and walked away with it. Let’s not mention how much me and Justine lost in that hell hole.

We got back to Val’s place around 3am. I was so tired, went right to bed. Sleep really hard and good.

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