Day 3-Portland-Friday

Oh yes, onto day 3 of the trip. The most eventful part of the trip. Started with Frys, ending with Ramones, tittes, and waaaay to much beer. Can’t forget the long trip home from the bar.

After the long day Thursday brought us. I got up and moving at around 9:30-10am. Jumped the shower, and got ready for the day. Updated my blog with the first day of the trip. I was able to drag Justine to Frys with me. Which was a bit of a drive from Val’s place. A good 30 minute drive each way. I was planning on getting a Linksys wireless router that I can find anywhere. Guess what? Frys in their store didn’t have it either. So I settled for the Dlink DI-524 wireless router. Not my first pick. But for 40 bucks, with a 25 dollar rebate. Can’t go wrong there. Also purchased a 512 meg CF memory card for the digital camera for 20 bucks.

With us being in Portland, seafood was must. Looked on the internet and we found a good looking place, with decent prices. We decided to go to Seasons and Regions. Let me just say that this place was GREAT!!! Really good food. Justine got a some pasta with Salmon in it. I got a slab of Salmon cooked perfect, mashed potatoes, and with some veggies. The place wasn’t really fancy, but the food was, and tasted great.

The gals wanted to hit the mall (Washington Square Mall) afterwards. So we started the fun with trying to find the mall. We had directions that came from Mapquest. Remember maquest is more wrong then right. Needless to say, it took us a bit to find. Mapquest was wrong once again. I guessing we spent an hour trying to find the mall. We were at the mall way to long. I don’t know, shopping just boring. It’s alright for a short bit, but it just gets old. I did get a few cheap cd’s from Hot Topic.

By the time we left the mall, drove back, hit the liquor store, smokes, atm, etc. It was around 8:30pm. We got ready, drank a bit, and Sean took us to The Outlaw Bar. We didn’t get there till around 9:30-10pm.

Got ourselfs a picture of beer for the 3 of us, Sean was driving and doesn’t like to drink. Along with a big ol plate of nacho’s. Shortly after a band called, ‘We Got the Meat’, some GoGo’s cover band. It wasn’t bad, but the 3rd floor sounded better. So we cruised on up there for a bit. Wasn’t bad, wasn’t great. Nothing to complain about by any means. We then cruised on downstairs again, got another picture of beer. Me and Sean cruised back up for a short bit. Then back down, got another picture of beer. Then the Ramones cover band started. Keep on drinking having a grand ol time. I was really surprised that not many people were there. Afterwards the Ramones cover band was done, we decided to go back on upstairs for a bit. After about 5 minutes of getting dizzy and seeing double, I jumped up and decided it was time to before it went from bad to worse. Which it did on the way home. I do remember stopping at Walgreens for a drink. Justine had a major headache so she needed some drugs for that. Next thing I remember, waking up throwing up into my sweater. Then hanging out head out of the car in some parking lot throwing up. Justine saying over and over, ‘get out of the car’. With me saying in a very drunken state, ‘Why? It’s all getting out side of the car what’s the big deal?’ With them trying to move me to the front seat. But I was determinded I WAS NOT gonna move. hahahahah…. We get home, Justine helps me out of the car. I pass out in front of the toliet. Justine helps me to remove my boots, grabs me a pillow, and blanket.

I woke up sometime in the middle of the night. It being very dark, and thinking to myself. ‘DAMN!!! I feel great, no headache, no stomach pain, I feel like a million bucks. I wonder what time it is?’ As I start walking myself to the bedroom, I notice that I’m still drunk having problems with walking a straight line as I’m kinda all over the place down the hallway. I hit the bed, and I was out for a few more hours till morning.

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